There are infinite uses for washable bags such as tote bags and reusable grocery bags. You can use them for carrying books, storing craft supplies, and transporting groceries in order to avoid using plastic bags. Unfortunately, tote bags aren’t known for being the most stylish accessories to carry with you even if they are useful. With this DIY project, you can spice up your tote bags with decorative magnets!



  1. Before you get started, make sure your material is the right size. It should be smaller than one side of your bag. This fabric will hold the magnets in place and conceal them so its size should reflect the number of small disc or block magnets you decide to use.
  2. Turn your tote bag inside out and sew the extra piece of fabric into the bag along three sides. Leave the top edge of the fabric open and unattached like a pocket.
  3. Now, sew your magnets into the pocket by creating smaller pockets. You can do this by creating seams all around the magnets so they remain in place between your extra piece of fabric and the tote.
  4. Create small pockets for each of your magnets and spread them evenly along the side of the tote.
  5. Finally, sew the top edge of the fabric and seal the large pocket you created in step two.

And now your magnetic tote is ready to use! While doing this DIY project, you should use thread to match the tote. If the thread is the same color, it won’t be visible on the outside of the tote. Depending on your placement of the magnets along the inside pocket you created, you can have a strong magnetic strip. You can hold alphabet magnets or fridge magnets or photo magnets on the outside of the tote bag and they will attract through the fabric to the other magnets you sewed along the inside. Now, you can carry your books and groceries in style!

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