Easter will be here in a flash -- or hop. Bunnies may be the mascot of the holiday in the U.S., but baskets are almost as iconic. The tradition of giving baskets filled with goodies during Easter seems to tie to the bunny. In other words, the Easter bunny is to baskets as Santa is to gifts -- the two go hand in hand.

If you haven’t put your Easter baskets together yet, we have a few creative ideas for basket stuffers. The following basket stuffers are great for grown-up party favors or teacher gifts.

Magnetic Egg Terrariums

Terrariums are perfect for spring and for Easter, because you can use leftover plastic eggs to help make them. If you are buying plastic eggs, look for clear ones. This way you can see the contents inside and sunlight can travel through. Now all you need is a bit of wet dirt, moss and tiny flowers to put inside. Then close it and glue a disc magnet to the back.

Easter Egg Magnets

You can add a new twist to the old tradition of Easter egg decorating with these DIY magnets. All you need is some clay, paint, glue and magnets. Press out egg shapes from the polymer clay, bake and paint on your designs. Once it’s dry, add a strong magnet. You can even gift wrap them with a pastel-colored blow for a festive touch.

Bunny Peep Magnets

The colorful marshmallow candies are a staple of spring and the bunny holiday, so it makes sense to create a set of Peeps-inspired magnets. But make sure if you add them to baskets that your gift recipients know they definitely don’t taste like Peeps, even if they may look like them.

Spring Flower Magnets

This is a great DIY magnet set, because it can be used for multiple occasions. Whether you are giving them out as a spring party favor, basket stuffer, or just want to hang them up on your own fridge, these flower magnets are worth making. Plus, you only need three items: craft flowers, glue and magnets.

Each of these DIY basket stuffers can be made in around an hour and only take a few supplies to create. However, they make for unique gifts, even if it’s not for the Easter holiday. What creative DIYs are you putting in your Easter baskets this year?