Last week, we explained how you can organize knives in your kitchen with a simple magnetic knife holder. Now, we are taking another look at how you can keep your cooking supplies in order by adding magnets to your backsplash. This idea works whether you are putting in a new backsplash or if you are looking to adapt your current design.


This project has a short supply list, meaning you can get right to work. The hardest choice will be determining what kind of magnets you need, which will vary depending on what kind of utensils/kitchenware you hope on hanging up. 

You’ll need these supplies: 

  • Magnetic bars, cubes, discs, or blocks, depending on the tile pattern
  • Glue or another strong adhesive (Ex: Gorilla Glue)
  • Kitchen utensils like forks, knives, etc.
  • Tile grout


If you are adding magnets to an already existing backsplash, this project is very simple and can be completed in no time. There are, however, some added steps if you are creating an entirely new backsplash. If that is the case for you, we will include the parts of the process that involve magnets. There is also a second option when creating a new backsplash that allows you to place magnets in the design itself! 

If you are placing magnets on an existing backsplash:

  • Determine the pattern you would like to place the magnets.
  • Put glue on a magnet and hold it on the designated spot.
  • Repeat this previous step until your design is finished.
  • Hang the desired utensils on the magnets once they are dry.

If you are creating a new backsplash (Option 1)

  • Set aside the tiles that will receive magnets.
  • Glue magnets to the correct tiles.
  • Once dry, press the tile (with the magnet already glued on) to its spot on your backsplash.
  • After your tiles are secure, hang up your utensils. 

Creating a new backsplash (Option 2)

If you are creating a pattern that represents the one pictured on the left, you can incorporate magnets right into the design!

  • Place a cube, block, or bar where the black squares are in the pattern.
  • Use grout to secure your magnets in place.
  • Hang up your utensils once dry.

You do not need to place a magnet on all of the sections that include a black square, but it will be easy to incorperate them into your new design. 

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