If you build or sell your own furniture, you’ve likely encountered one or two unhappy clients irked by the way a door or drawer won't stay latched and closed. Usually, it has something to do with the angle the furniture is placed at or the levelness of the surface. Or maybe your client has kids who constantly leave the drawer open… but just a little bit. 

Regardless of the reason, open doors and drawers can become an annoyance and even a hazard. As the creator or merchandiser of a furniture line, you have a responsibility to anticipate these kinds of problems and solve them whenever possible. In this case, permanent magnets can be your solution.

Attach Two Magnets to Your Doors and Drawers

The concept is rather simple — first, attach a countersink magnet to the inside of the door or drawer that’s causing the issue, or attach it to all of them to be safe. Then, attach another countersink magnet inside the piece of furniture, right up against the edge. Naturally, they attract so even if the kids forget to close it all the way, it will snap shut with a satisfying Click! 

As the “maker,” you can drill through the hole in the countersink magnet so that the top of the screw is flush with the face of the magnet. If your client has a problem with the way the magnet looks aesthetically, it’s good to know upfront so you can build the magnet into the piece — out of sight, out of mind.

This magnetic mechanism works in the reverse as well. If the piece of furniture resides in a high-traffic area of the house, or if your client lives somewhere where earthquakes are a common occurrence, magnets can keep the door and drawers shut so nothing topples out and breaks.

Closed or Open?

If, in addition to furniture, you craft unique doors for your clients’ homes, keep this in mind — in the same way that magnets keep drawers closed or help them close more easily, they can also keep front doors wide open. You will need to screw one countersink magnet into the wall where a door stopper would normally go and a small piece of steel plating (or another magnet) against the door. Be careful to line them up correctly! Now, your client can keep their front door from blowing shut when they’re bringing in groceries on a windy day.

How Apex Magnets Can Help

If you need to make magnetic latches for your furniture, we offer a wide range of products. We’re always willing to talk through a project with you, and remember, we have free shipping for orders over $25.