Are you looking for the perfect activity for your upcoming bridal shower, neighborhood craft night, or Friday at home with the grandkids? Why not create your own mini pie magnets that are simple to make and add a personal touch to any kitchen? Plus, with six easy-to-find household supplies, this craft is a fun and cost-effective activity for large crowds. 

With endless ways to personalize your magnets, you can substitute the suggested supplies below for others you may have around the house, or ask each guest to bring one item to share! 

You Will Need: 


  • Attach your 1/4" x 1/16" disc magnets to the back of each bottle cap 
  • Fill each bottle cap with hot glue to reflect the kind/type of pie you would like to make
  • Paint the hot glue to look like pie filling or crust
  • Let dry completely
  • Decorate your pies with hot glue shapes, beads, pipe cleaners, or make lattice with felt cutouts
    • You can even paint your hot glue shapes or beads to resemble fruit on a pie: blueberry, strawberry, peach - The choice is yours! 
  • Add any finishing touches 

From pumpkin and key lime to berry and pecan, transform your favorite pie flavors into mini decorations, favors, or gifts for grandma. And if you are feeling extra creative, try adding your own flair using glitter, craft putty, yarn, patterned tape, etc.! If you want to keep your kids engaged, try making it a contest to see who can create the best mini pie! Not only will it encourage healthy competition, but it will keep them occupied with an activity that does not involve screen time. 

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