The fall season is full of amazing colors as the leaves begin to fall and the air becomes crisp. A once green landscape becomes a vibrant mosaic of browns, yellows, oranges, reds, and purples. You can bring these warm tones into your home with these cute owl magnets! Here’s how to get started:



  1. First, paint your mini canvasses in your favorite fall colors. You can add a couple greens and blues to contrast the brown owls you’ll create in a later step.
  2. Once the paint has dried, use the super glue to secure one or two bar magnets to the back of each canvas.
  3. Next, create your owls and fall leaves out of the felt and buttons. Feel free to get creative and layer different colors of felt to add texture. You can glue the pieces of felt and buttons together.
  4. When you’re done designing the owls and leaves, peel the protective seal from the back of your adhesive magnets. Use the sticky side to attach the rare earth magnets to the back of the felt pieces.
  5. Now, you can place the felt owls and leaves onto the mini canvasses. The magnets will attract and hold the two pieces together.

You can use these cute fall magnets to decorate your fridge, a chalkboard, or you can make a hanging display for them using an old cookie sheet and some string. And, when the fall season is over, you can replace the owls and leaves with snowflakes and snowmen magnets if you want. Because the felt owls have adhesive magnets on the back, you can create interchangeable crafts to display on your magnetic mini canvasses.

These DIY fall magnets are easy to make and they make great gifts!