If you have some leftover gift boxes from the holidays, then you can repurpose them into shadow box magnets. A shadow box is a framed box that is often used to display three-dimensional items in a way that is artistic or sentimental. Historically, shadow boxes were used to display military awards or medals, but they are now also used to display art or other memorabilia. You can make your own shadow box and hang it on your fridge with this DIY project.



  1. First, take the lid or front off of the box and plan how you want to arrange the items inside of it.
  2. Once you have decided the arrangement, you can glue pieces inside of the box to secure them in place. If it is an item that you don’t want to damage with glue, try using a removable adhesive putty.
  3. Wait for the glue to dry.
  4. Flip the shadow box so that the front is facing down, then use glue to attach magnets to the back.
  5. Press down firmly and hang the box on your fridge.

Some shadow boxes use glass or a transparent plastic in the front to protect the items inside. If you use one with a front, then be careful when gluing the magnets to the back. Also, you can decorate the inside of the box by lining it with some craft paper to add some patterns and color that complement the items inside. To get started, here are a few inspiring DIY shadow box ideas.