As purchasing manager, it is your primary responsibility to select the highest quality products for your business – goods that are safe, reliable, and efficient. Secondarily, your aim is to be as cost effective as possible. In order to meet these goals, you need a keen understanding of your business’s unique goals.

If you are looking to acquire magnets for your business, you can trust Apex to be detail-oriented, fully available when you need our expertise, and open to creative problem-solving. We work with managers to identify the most appropriate product for your situation, but before you move forward with your purchase, there are some details you should consider.

Get Into The Details

What do we mean when we suggest you focus on the details? Well, naturally, you need to know what function the magnet will serve. There is a lot more to magnet procurement than intended use, however, the question, “What will this be used for?” should only be the first of many. For example, ask yourself the following:

  • Will the magnet be used in a horizontal or vertical application?
  • Will the magnet be in direct contact with metal or another magnet?
  • What size magnet do we need (thickness; width; length)?
  • What shape of magnet would best serve us?
  • Does the magnet require a specific type of coating?
  • At what temperature will the magnet be stored?
  • What quantity of magnets do we need?
  • How many pieces are in a set?


The more questions you ask and answer ahead of time, the easier it becomes to determine which product is best for you. If appropriate, consult with your engineer or internal team about the role magnets will play in your business.

Keep in mind, we sell hundreds of unique magnets, so if you’ve come up with a question you don’t know the answer to, call and speak with one of our magnet professionals, available 24/7. We’ll help you find a product to fit your exact specifications, and if necessary, we’ll direct you to our easy-to-use Custom Magnet Form.

Plan For Your Budget

We know that as purchasing manager, you research products for cost-effectiveness as well as performance. You don’t want to overspend on something that doesn’t deliver, and you don’t want to underspend on something that may put your employees or customers at risk.

We’re always available to discuss strength and safety, and we may be able to help you cut down on cost as well. For example, after we talk, we will know if you are planning to make too large of an order for your application, and can help you determine a better amount. If there is a chance you may need more than originally anticipated again, something we can help you determine we may suggest you place an order for the maximum quantity up front. Doing so can help your budget in the long run.
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Our magnets are pragmatic for a variety of industries. If you are a purchasing manager, start by browsing our product line for details about size and strength, or jump directly to some of our most popular products, such as magnetic hooks and countersinks. Contact us with questions, and we’ll help you find the best product for your business.

To get a jumpstart on your next magnet search, download this printable PDF.