More and more, we are seeing properties gravitate to the use of electromagnetic locks in their buildings. With their ease of installation, security, and fast building access, it’s no question why these types of locks are becoming a popular option.

How They Work

In addition to their north and south end sealing, like traditional magnetics, magnetic locks are ideal because they use an electrical current, or electromagnetic force, that stops doors from opening. This produces a stronger magnetic force than the traditional meeting and sealing. When electricity activates the magnet, a bolt will lock the door. Removing the power source will unlock the door.

Electromagnetic locks consist of an armature plate and an electromagnet. The locks work by creating a magnetic field that causes both the plate and the magnet to attract to each other, forcing them to seal together and prevent doors from opening. The amount of strength behind the electric current allows the doors to withstand pressure—this means doors can’t be forced open without removing the power source or using a confirmed access method. The plate itself is easy to install and attach to the door, while the electromagnet is attached to the door frame. Traditionally, buyers and sellers can expect to find that the magnetic locks with a higher holding force, such as 1000kg, are more expensive than those with a 250kg holding force.

Uses of Magnetic Locks

The magnetic field must be energized for the electromagnet lock to work properly, meaning they require power to remain locked. These types of locks are a fail-safe option in the case of emergencies, such as a fire. If the power were should to go out, the door would still unlock, and people would be able to exit. As a result of their security and reliability, magnetic locks are great options for hotels, residential buildings, commercial properties, and offices.

Due to the force holding the doors together, they are a fail-safe against intruders in most cases. Anyone attempting to enter would be unable to do so without confirmed access because of the electric current holding the bolt in place.

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