Magnetic paint is one of those home decor projects that can both look amazing and prove extremely useful. You can hang up photos and notes without putting damaging holes into your walls. However, there are a few things you should probably know before diving into a magnetic paint project. In this blog, we’ll go over a few tips and ideas for your next home improvement adventure.

Magnetic Walls

Magnetic walls can be a great addition to many rooms in your home. For one, if you find your fridge overtaken with pictures and other artwork from kids and family, paint a wall. Then you can put those cute drawings, post-it notes, and fridge magnets on a wall in your kitchen and no longer worry about them flying off every time you open up your refrigerator!

Magnetic Furniture

Magnetic paint doesn’t just have to be used on walls either. You can add it to pieces of furniture as well as cabinet doors. On cabinet doors, it can be an ideal spot to place reminder notes or recipes. One example of magnetic furniture coming in handy, is when it is applied to a desk or office space. You can post to do lists, pictures and motivational quotes on your desk to decorate your area while gently reminding you to keep up the work!

Magnet Project Tips

Here are some tips for applying magnetic paint:

  1. It’s going to take several coats to work. For the best magnetism, you’ll likely have to have more than three layers. It could take up to six or seven to really get that strong hold. In other words, the more layers, the more magnetic.
  2. Also, the type of magnets do matter. The paint works best with strong magnets. When hanging items keep weight and orientation in mind--it will affect magnet strength. For instance, if the surface is vertical like a wall, a hook magnet’s strength is ⅔ less than if it were horizontal.
  3. Wear old clothes and cover all surfaces with drop cloth or other protective material. Like any other paint, it can stain.
  4. Also like other household paints, ventilate the area while using to better diffuse the smell.
  5. Neodymium magnets are not meant for children. So, whatever household project you do keep safety as a top priority.

If you still think magnetic paint isn’t your thing, but want that magnetic effect in your house. Try nailing on a ferrous sheet of metal to a wall or other flat surface or create or purchase a magnet board.

Applying magnetic paint to walls in your home can be a long process. However, in the end, it can look very stylish and make hanging decor easier and less damaging. If you have questions on this project or our magnet products, feel free to comment or contact us!

Photo by Conny