Researcher Suzanne McEnroe is the epitome of a magnetic personality-- you don’t have to just take our word for it though as she received the William Gilbert Award in 2019 for “outstanding and unselfish work in magnetism of Earth materials and of the Earth and planets.” Her leadership in research has been integral in understanding mineral magnetism, paleomagnetic field records, and geomagnetic field anomalies, to name a few.

Her Career 

McEnroe’s research interests include Magnetic Mineralogy and Petrology, Magnetic Anomalies, Mineral Magnetism, and Geophysics. Throughout her career, she’s most famously completed groundbreaking research on magnetic anomaly sources in the planet’s crust. Without her work, we wouldn’t know how to explain the high magnetic stability and intensity relating to conclusions made about negative, remanence-dominated magnetic anomalies. This key information found by Suzanne and her team stated that “exsolution microstructures do not merely affect the properties of the host minerals, but are themselves the source of the strong and stable remanence, through a previously unknown interfacial ordering mechanism termed lamellar magnetism.” If this sounds complicated, it’s okay, McEnroe did the hard work for us which you can read about here

Her Magnetic Research

Two main factors have brought McEnroe’s studies on remanence sources to the top of mineral magnetic research -- a comprehensive approach to characterization and coordinating and developing initiative. 

When it comes to the former, McEnroe uses scanning electron microscopy, magnetic microscopy, low-temperature high-field magnetometry, and theoretical modeling, and more to thoroughly characterize her research.

Secondly, her dedication to collaborations involving many talented specialists has been invaluable, leading to two very important papers which Michael J. Jackson, says “ collectively represent one of the greatest achievements in mineral and rock magnetism over the past two decades.”

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Clearly, Suzanne McEnroe has had a successful career in the field of magnetic studies. Her continuous dedication and research is only part of what makes her such a magnetic personality. For more blog posts about magnetic personalities through the ages, check out these blogs.


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