If you work in the fishing industry and regularly find yourself on a boat at sea, magnets can make your job easier, safer, and more secure, even on the choppiest waves. Nowadays, most mid and large-sized boats are made of steel, making them the perfect mount for magnets in all shapes and sizes. Below, we’ll cover several ways you might consider using magnets on your fishing boat. 

Make the job easier

There’s no way around it, you work in a difficult industry. Life at sea is fraught with risk — of going overboard, getting hooked, “catching” seasickness, or getting caught in bad weather. So, if there’s ever an opportunity to make your job easier or more comfortable, you should take it. Fishing involves a lot of waiting, so why not wait in relative comfort? You can sew disc magnets into the four corners of a cushion and then place them in certain spots on your boat to make waiting more comfortable no matter where you are on the ship. The magnets will keep your makeshift seat cushions fixed in place — no slipping, sliding, or blowing away. 

Make the job safer

Ultimately, as a fisherman, you want to keep yourself and your crew members safe from harm. That can be difficult due to the unpredictable nature of your professional environment. However, magnets can reduce the chance of an accident happening with some prep. First, you want to make sure the deck is clean and organized. If left out, nets can easily trip people up, leading to injury or even a man going overboard. You can use a hook magnet to organize netting on deck. 

Another unfortunate risk of commercial fishing is that you can end up catching more than just fish in your net. As a matter of fact, it’s fairly common for sharks to get snagged in fishing lines and nets. Sometimes, they die before you have a chance to cut them loose. But if the shark is alive when you pull it in, cutting it free isn’t exactly easy. To make the ocean safer for sharks and fishermen, attach magnets to your nets. Sharks are sensitive to electromagnetic fields and will avoid them when they can, so by attaching magnets to your nets, you can deter the sharks from approaching in the first place. 

Make the job more secure 

Magnets can be used in many ways to secure tools to your vessel — even tiny hooks. On a larger scale, if you’re on a fishing boat that needs to tow and moor a smaller craft, extremely strong magnets will do the trick. Another example of an item to secure with magnets is lures. Fishermen can hold lures in place with disc magnets without fear of damaging their rods. 

Apex Magnets

Whether you’re in the fishing industry strictly as a professional or you love to fish for fun, Apex Magnets can make your job easier, safer, and more secure. Visit our site to browse our many types of magnets, and leave a message if you want to know more.