Do you own a nursery or a greenhouse? Whether you’re involved with a small business endeavor or a much larger industrial-sized operation, magnets are an aesthetically pleasing method of organization (in more ways than you might think!). When you’re in a visual business –– flowers, colorful fruits and vegetables, and gorgeous yard arrangements –– you don’t want a method of storage or organization that distracts from the beauty of your product.

Find a Metal Surface

Before we get started with tips, you need to make sure your area is conducive to magnets. Typically, greenhouses/nurseries are structures built with glass (or otherwise transparent material) walls and roofing. Typically some sort of metal is used to secure the building. If you’re in a smaller greenhouse, or if this is a personal endeavour, you might be working with wood. That said, you typically place plants on metal tables, or you can build an overhang out of wood and metal sheeting. 

All of these surfaces –– metal in walls, tables, and overhangs –– make for good places to secure magnets! Read on for inspiration on how to use these magnets to organize and store smaller potted plants, gardening tools, hoses, and lights/sprinklers. 

Smaller Potted Plants

To leverage your space, adhere smaller potted plants or hanging plants to metal surfaces with magnets. You could even use our 25 pounds neodymium hooks to hang plant baskets from the wall or from the bottom of metal tables. 

Another option is to keep potted plants in place on a metal table by putting a magnet at the bottom of the pot. This is especially helpful if you’re keeping plants near the cash register, a high-traffic area. In this case, disc magnets are recommended to keep your plants from taking a tumble. 

Gardening Tools

Running a greenhouse/nursery involves a lot of tools –– small shovels, hoses, gloves, trowels, pruners, just to name a few! Because most of these items have a small hole on the handle expressly for hanging (including gloves which typically have a hanging loop), utilize hook magnets, like our swivel hooks with 18 lb pull force for maximum organization. 

And remember, using a magnetic hook means you have the freedom to move things around if you get bored with the presentation, or if a more efficient option presents itself. 

Lights and Overhead Sprinklers

Because your greenhouse most likely has metal at certain junctions in the glass ceiling, you can use that space as an opportunity to hang lights or an overhead sprinkler system to water your plants. Again, magnetic hooks are your best option for either lights or sprinklers. As mentioned above, you can also build an overhang with wood and metal sheeting if you need your irrigation system to be closer to the plants.

Bring Apex Into Your Greenhouse

If you keep up with our content, you might recall that magnets can lose their properties when exposed to heat, and greenhouses are generally kept at higher temperatures. But don’t worry, for a magnet to lose its strength, the heat needs to be extreme –– 176 degree Fahrenheit/80 degree Celcius, which obviously isn’t a conducive temperature for plants. If you have any other questions about the use of magnets in a unique environment like a greenhouse, call us at 1-304-257-1193 or fill out a contact form. We’ll be in touch!