If you’ve read our blog before, you’re probably already aware that tiny magnets power the interconnected nature of our lives, silently energizing cell phones, cars, and power grids. However, as the world and devices become more efficient, these soft magnetic materials are beginning to fail to handle the necessary frequencies. Fortunately, there is a new material on the horizon — soft magnetic composites or ASMCs.

What are ASMCs?

The super efficient ASMCs can handle higher frequencies than more traditional soft magnetic materials. Their strength comes from their special coating, which is made with tiny air gaps and interfaces. The only issue is that they aren't as magnetically strong as the traditional material. So, if we want to maintain the devices that allow us to connect and communicate in the world, it’s a race to find the perfect balance between soft and strong! 


A group of Chinese scientists from Songshan Lake Materials Laboratory may have a solution. Using what is called the “critical state” approach, they are applying a rotating magnetic field to the ASMCs. On Phys.org, they describe the process through the metaphor of a potter shaping clay, creating small, magnetic regions within the material. The end result — “critical state” ASMC — is magnetically strong, energy efficient, and works at high frequencies.


Professor Haibo Ke says, "Such a strategy for constructing a critical-state amorphous alloy can allow us to develop novel ASMCs and promote the development of modern electronics, especially in high-frequency fields.” This is just one element of the many novel ways scientists are trying to create more efficient electronics to power an even more high-frequency future.

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