This closet organization hack is a fairly simple and highly satisfying way to add more storage space to your closets. In winter, you’ll have extra room for coats and scarves, and in spring and summer, you’ll have a place for light jackets, beach bags, and dog leashes.

Primarily, you’ll need four 18-pound swivel hook magnets, but don’t forget to add a few other items to your shopping list:

What You Need

To organize your closet with Apex hook magnets, gather the following items: swivel hook magnets

  • 4 swivel hook magnets
  • Piece of wood (sized for your space)
  • Similarly sized strip of ferrous metal
  • Paint (optional)
  • Small screws
  • Adhesive strips (optional)

Steps to Organize Your Closet with Apex Hook Magnets

  1. Go to your local hardware store to find a piece of ferrous metal; if you want, you can paint it a preferred shade; let it dry. Organize Your Closet with Hook Magnets
  2. Using four small screws, adhere the ferrous metal to the piece of wood, which should be sized for the space in mind.
  3. Attach the magnetic block (metal on wood) to the wall with adhesive strips for flexibility or screws for a permanent solution.
    1. Note: The wood faces the wall, while the metal faces outward.
  4. Place your swivel hook magnets on the magnetic block.
  5. Hang items to maximize space!

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