For years, permanent magnets have played a vital role in the ever-expanding robotics industry, specifically in robot manufacturing. The design process pushes boundaries, is highly focused on sensors and motion, and must fulfill specific conditions (e.g, magnetic tolerances, parameters, and assemblies). As the design and manufacturing process continue to evolve and require more precision, there is a need to select more precise magnets and enact more advanced ideas. In many cases, this requires permanent, neodymium magnets.

Magnetic Contributions to Robotic Systems

Permanent magnets are used in many robotics systems, including transportation, autonomous driving, laparoscopies, generator inspection, food production, and pharmaceuticals.    Here are a few examples:    Transportation: this refers to using magnets to move one item, perhaps an item in a warehouse, from one place to another. For example, Amazon uses robotization for storage and movement of goods.    Autonomous driving: one of the most profound ways magnets are used is in the robotic systems for autonomous driving (e.g., self-driving cars and Maglev trains). Magnets play an important role in these cars’ operating systems. For example, magnets can be used in railroads, serving as guides. Think of it like a much more sophisticated way of using bumpers at the bowling lane.    Laparoscopic: robotics are becoming a significant part of healthcare, specifically surgery. One specific example is laparoscopies, which is a way of viewing organs in the abdomen, or even doing a small scale procedure, using magnets and a small camera. These days, the whole routine is roboticized.    Pharmaceuticals: In production for pharmaceuticals and drugs, some magnets can be used in robotic systems to filter out any magnetic impurities that don’t belong in the product.    Electric generators: electric generators need regular review and assessment for improvement, repairs, and better performance. Fortunately, this review and inspection can be done automatically using magnets. 

Food production: robotics systems are used in food manufacturing factories, too. These specialized magnetic systems allow us to produce and ship food in massive quantities. This kind of automation ultimately saves money and time.

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