As a police officer, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. You’re responsible for your own life, the lives of your fellow officers, and the lives of the public, so the pressure is on, and any convenience or safety-related tool could help. Here’s how magnets can help — 

Holster Your Firearm… Without a Holster

Removing a gun from a holster can be tricky. Even returning it to its holster leaves room for error. If the situation warrants it and you choose to remove your gun from your belt, timing matters. By attaching a block magnet to your belt, and then attaching your gun to the magnet, you can have easy access and improved ability to return it to its original place. Also, if you are injured or otherwise indisposed, the magnetic platform could hold the gun in place to enable a one-handed reload. Overall, the added magnet facilitates a faster, safer transition.

Keys, Handcuffs, and More

A magnetic belt mount can also hold other items when you are distracted or occupied. Many of the items you might be apprehending from a suspect — keys, knives, other weapons — can be held in place temporarily, keeping your hands free. This is to be used in special circumstances when the items can’t be given to another officer or secured in a safer manner. But again, as a police officer, you know the situation doesn’t always play out “by the book.” This saves you from having to shove an item into your waistband or juggle multiple items at once. Lastly, your magnetic mount can hold handcuffs, allowing you to easily and safely maneuver a suspect.

Apex Magnets

To get the job done, we recommend a magnet that is strong enough to hold your firearm safely, but not so strong that it prevents you from removing it. One option would be our 2” x ½” x ¼” neodymium block with 27.6 pounds of pull-force. Another option is to reach out via our custom form fill and allow us to customize the perfect magnet for you. You would have complete control over size, strength, and coating, while also ordering enough for your entire unit. 
To discuss safety concerns or ask any follow-up questions, contact us any time of the day: 1-304-257-1193. Thank you, officers!