Do you make books, newspapers, magazines, or brochures? Chances are, that makes you a professional printer and a master of tailored mass production. We have many clients in the printing industry, and they use our magnets in a variety of their products including, as previously mentioned, brochures, as well as binders, boxes, and additional presentational pieces. 

We’ve found three options when it comes to using magnets to clasp, adhere, or assemble printed products. 

  1. Use a pair of regular magnets
  2. Use a magnet and a matching steel piece
  3. Use adhesive backed magnets

Let’s dive into each of these options below ––

Pair of Magnets

This is the most common way to use magnets in printing materials –– having two magnets with properly aligned poles that are close enough to connect. They could be used with folders, brochures, and at the junction of edges to hold something like a paper box together. If you go this route for printing, you might use a small neodymium disc like our 2mm x 1mm magnet with 0.3 lbs of pull force or a small block magnet like our 4mm x 2mm x 1mm block with 0.6 lbs of pull force.

Magnet and Matching Steel

Another option is to use one small magnet –– like the 2mm x 1mm disc or the 4mm x 2mm x 1mm block –– and a ferrous piece of metal, like custom cut steel, as the point of connection. It’s important to note that the first option –– having two magnets paired together –– has a much stronger attracting force (1.5 times greater) than with this second option –– using a magnet and a metal piece. However, depending on your product, superior strength may not be an issue, making this second option optimal. For example, you don’t want a brochure to be too difficult to open.

Adhesive-backed Magnets

Lastly, you can choose to use adhesive-backed magnets in your printed products. This would allow you to adhere the magnet directly to the brochure or other relevant material. One side of our adhesive magnets are coated with quality 3M adhesive glue, to ensure its placement. With this option, you just have to peel and stick!

Apex Magnets in Printed Products

We want to help our customers find the perfect magnet for their desired application, and we understand that finding the right match might involve a conversation. We love to have those conversations! Tell us your plans and we’ll share our expertise! Fill out a contact form today and we’ll be in touch.