When working with concrete or steel in a setting project, it’s incredibly important you have tools sturdy enough to hold pieces in place, but that also have the flexibility to move once everything is set.

For this reason, shuttering magnets make for a great option when dealing with steel panels, beams, fences, or concrete, as they are permanent holding magnets offering exceptional sturdiness. When we say permanent, however, we are referring to its holding capability. They are, in fact, highly flexible in regards to movement through its provisions which allow you to release the magnet once the piece you’re working on is finished.

If you need to pour concrete or keep poles in place, simply use a shuttering magnet with a provision which allows you to easily remove the magnet once done.

These “clamping” magnets offer the highest possible holding power, so you can feel confident everything will stay in place during construction. In addition, no electricity or air is required, making it a great alternative to other expensive methods used in the industry.

Using shuttering magnets in your construction projects not only provides a superior hold and flexibility, but the reusability of the magnets can save time and money!

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