If you’ve ever struggled to achieve precise cross cuts on your table saw, fret not. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through a simple yet effective method of setting up a temporary magnet stop block right on your table saw table. This technique ensures accuracy and repeatability, making your woodworking projects more efficient. 

Follow these steps to elevate your table saw game (with magnets)!

Step 1: Safety First

Before we embark on this journey to enhance our cross-cutting accuracy, safety is paramount. Unplug your table saw to eliminate any risk of accidental activation during the setup process. 

Step 2: Determine Blade Position

Begin by determining the position of your saw blade. Place a straight edge alongside the blade, aligning it with the cutting side (left or right). Use a felt tip to mark a line on the table that extends the path of the saw blade. This line will service as your reference point for measurements. 

Step 3: Position the Magnet

Now, it’s time to position the magnet that will act as your temporary stop block. We suggest a 4” x 2” x ½” neodymium ring magnet. Use a ruler to measure the desired length for your cross cut, ensuring accuracy by measuring front the right side of the felt tip line. Adjust the magnet to the left of the table saw until it makes contact with the edge of the ruler. 

Step 4: Test Cut

Before committing to your actual project, perform a test cut to verify the accuracy of your setup. Plug in the saw, place a scrap piece of wood against the magnet, and make the cut. Check the result against your measurements to ensure precision. If adjustments are needed, fine-tune the setup until you achieve the desired accuracy.

Step 5: Ready for the Real Thing

Once you’re satisfied with the test cut, you’re ready for the real deal. Position your workpiece against the magnet, and confidently make your cross cut. This temporary stop block ensures consistency, allowing you to replicate accurate cuts for multiple pieces. 

Apex Magnets

Setting up a temporary magnetic stop block on your table saw table is a game-changer for achieving precise and repeatable cross cuts. By following these simple steps, you not only enhance the accuracy of your cuts but also streamline your woodworking projects. Remember, safety is paramount, so always unplug the saw when setting up or adjusting any components. 


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Happy woodworking!