A research team recently proposed a new magnetic concept! Nature Communications published its findings on March 7th, 2024, saying this magnet-based memory device, AKA spintronic device, could revolutionize information storage, basing their confidence and excitement on their large-scale integration, non-volatility, and high durability. 

Ferromagnet-based Spintronic Devices

How do spintronics work? Well, they memorize information by using the direction of magnetization of ferromagnetic materials. This issue is that ferromagnets generate magnetic fields that can potentially affect any other ferromagnets within range. In a device that uses multiple, it can create something called “crosstalk,” which limits magnetic memory density. 


To resolve this issue, researchers suggest using materials called helical magnets, which have spiralized atomic magnetic moments. The way the spiral turns is called chirality, and that’s the key! Fortunately, thanks to chirality and the lack of a macroscopic magnetic field, helical magnets can improve memory density.


To demonstrate, the Nature Communication team showed that the chirality memory can be both 1) written and 2) read out at room temperature. They also showed how chirality memory can be read out as a resistance change, even without magnetic fields.

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