Magnet lovers sure are a curious bunch! How do we know? We took a look at our most popular blog posts in 2016 and discovered that many of them answer big important questions about magnets and magnetism. This top ten covers magnetic DIY projects, experiments, facts about magnets, and more!

#10: Tips for Sewing Magnets Into Clothing

Looking for a simple way to create closures that are secure but easy to operate? Or want to create an interchangeable element for a garment? Putting magnets into clothing may seem counterintuitive, but if you think about it, there are tons of ways this can be helpful! Read the post.

#9: What Are the Different Types of Magnets?

Did you know there’s actually more than one type of magnet? In this article, we explore the different types of magnets and what makes them each unique. Read the post.

#8: 12 Places to Find Magnets

Magnets are for more than just fridge doors! Wondering where else you can find magnets around the house? This infographic gives you the scoop on where to seek out magnets in your own home. Read the post.

#7: What Are Magnetic Metals?

If you’ve ever tried to stick a penny to a magnet, you know that not all metals are magnetic. So which metals are magnetic? It turns out that metals classify neatly into three categories, and this fascinating blog post explores each category in detail. Read the post.

#6: How to Go Fishing with Magnets

Okay, so maybe you won’t catch any fish with magnets, but you just might catch something valuable. Much like people use metal detectors, magnets can be used to find interesting items in bodies of water. Read the post.

#5: What Are Magnetic Poles and How to Identify Them

As you know, magnets have two poles, north and south. But did you know that you can’t have a magnet with just one pole? Learn more about magnetic poles and finding them in this fun blog post. Read the post.

#4: Magnet Experiments: What Happens to a Magnet in Cold Temperatures

Did you know that the strength of a magnet changes depending on its temperature? Try this fun experiment to see how magnets change due to temperature. Read the post.

#3: 8 Strange Facts about Magnets and Magnetism

Magnetism is a really interesting force - but do you know just how interesting? Some of our favorite strange facts about magnets are in this blog post. #5 in this post is really cool! Read the post.

#2: Magnet Experiments: What Happens When a Magnet is Heated?

While this experiment needs to be conducted very carefully and with the proper safety gear, it’s a fascinating look into how magnets can change when the temperature changes. Read the post.

#1: The Various Shapes of Magnets and Their Uses

Wondering what to do with a cool-shaped magnet you have? Want to learn more about how a magnet’s shape works? This post is for you - and based on its popularity, a lot of you are interested in this subject! See for yourself how the different shapes of magnets can be used. Read the post.