When you purchase a necklace, ring, or watch, you pay good money due to the high-quality material used to make it, like gold or silver. Unfortunately, there are times when these items can be deceiving to you and your wallet. Certain places take advantage of customers by making fake products that have the appearance of more expensive materials while still charging top dollar. One helpful tool you can bring along to the jewelry store is a magnet -or using a magnet on the item as soon as you get home. Why does a magnet make a difference? Let’s take a look!

Are Gold and Silver Magnetic?

Gold, silver, and other metals are actually not magnetic. With that being said, certain spoof materials are, in fact, attracted to magnets. This means you can actually conduct a quick test in a matter of seconds to see if the object in question is legitimate.

To begin your research, visit our online shop and purchase our keychain magnet. This strong magnet is the perfect tool for determining if your item is magnetic or not, and as the name implies, it can be handy in other situations as well since it can be carried around with you.

Once your keychain magnet arrives, find some magnetic items, like paper clips, to make sure everything is working correctly. Afterward, place your jewelry on a flat surface and hold your magnet over it. If it sticks to the magnet, then you know it is not real.

Additional Tests

While magnet testing is one quick test to eliminate fake coins/or fake bullion made with ferrous metals (iron, nickel, cobalt), there are additional tests that you may need to take to test your precious metals. For example, items made from aluminum, copper, and other base metals will not be attracted to a magnet. This is the same result you will get when magnet testing precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.

Therefore, further testing would be required to truly determine the genuine metal content of a coin/bullion piece. Such tests may include assay tests, specific gravity tests, spectrum analysis, etc.

Get More Done With Apex Magnets

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