Have you ever passed a group of enormous wind turbines and wondered how they work? Aside from wind to turn their fan blades, turbines don’t require a lot; however, they’re highly complex. One thing they do require is strong, permanent magnets like neodymium magnets. 

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

First, of course, you need the wind. Once a strong gust gets those blades turning, a central generator kicks in, converting the energy of movement into electricity. The strongest available magnets — neodymium — provide efficient electricity. They can produce a magnetic field that doesn’t need an external power source. This has made things like gearboxes unnecessary, making for more cost-efficient operation and enhanced grid compatibility. 

In general, magnets in wind turbines: 

  • Reduce cost
  • Improve reliability
  • Increase efficiency

Magnetic Mounting Solutions

Because wind turbines are steel towers, you can also find magnets inside of them. For instance, permanent magnets are often used to securely attach ladders. They can also be used to organize cables and equipment. When gearboxes were used more regularly, they were attached to the tower wall via magnets. Magnets are particularly useful because you can’t drill holes in turbine towers; doing so can impact the safety of the entire structure. 

Apex Magnets for Industry Use

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