Do you love to travel? Do you have a healthy addiction to adventure? If so, we’ve compile a list of some DIY projects that will inspire the traveler in you! Read on to see the list and find out how to start your own travel-themed DIY magnet projects.

Magnetic Map

Mark all the places that you’ve been or the places that you want to go with this magnetic map and magnets. All you need to create your own is a world map, glue and some pin magnets. Find the DIY blog here.

Map magnets and tin

This map magnet set from Scrapper Girl is perfect for the travel enthusiast’s fridge. Add the tin case and its also makes a cute gift for a fellow travel lover.

Destination themed tin magnets

Another creative way to use small tins is to create shadow box magnets. Shadow boxes are an indented frame in which people can put in 3D and 2D objects. You can use scenic photos from a trip or a map of your destination as a background. Then fill it with souvenirs or other symbolic items from your travels, attach a magnet and hang it up in your home. You can also start a collection, making a new shadow box magnet for each place that you visit.

Travel souvenir magnets

Have a bunch of leftover souvenirs and trinkets from a recent trip? Turn them into magnets! Every souvenir shop in the world usually has their own version of a souvenir magnet. However, you can create your own, more personalized one with souvenirs that you’ve collected on your travels.

Magnetically levitating globe

If you love traveling, science or simply stuff that looks cool, then this magnetically levitating globe is the project for you. Attach strong neodymium magnets to opposing sides of a world globe. You can purchase a magnetically levitating globe or build your own using magnets and a few other supplies.

Do you have your own travel-themed DIY project that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to share your DIY with us on our Facebook or Twitter page. And if you have questions about what magnets to purchase for your next project, feel free to contact us for assistance.