Mother’s Day is almost here. Picking the right gift for the moms in your life can be tough. Luckily, there are tons of DIY projects and gifts that you can look to for gift inspiration. If you still haven’t picked up a gift, here are a few DIY ideas to explore.

Magnetic Bracelet

With some Mod Podge, bottle caps and old photos you can create a magnetic bracelet for Mother’s Day. Simply punch a hole in the caps, glue in the photos and loop them through a piece of string or jewelry chain. Then close the bracelet clasp with a magnetic jewelry clasp to make it easier for mom to take the bracelet on and off.

Magnetic Vases

Flowers are a common Mother’s Day gift. You can put a twist on the flowers gift by putting them in your own DIY magnetic vase. Picking up an old vase and just gluing a magnet to it may seem a bit boring. But, if you personalize it by painting the vase or by using Mod Podge to attach a photo of you and Mom to the front of it, it can be a special present that’ll be cherished for years to come.

Magnetic Picture Frames

If your fridge at home is covered with family photos and other sentimental items, then a magnetic photo frame is an easy DIY gift to make. You can create a photo frame from felt and attach magnets to it or you can use an actual photo frame. Simply pick up a frame or reuse an old one and remove any glass or plastic covering. Then glue strong rare earth magnets to the back. It is important to have really strong magnets for real frames that may be a bit heavier than using a cut out piece of felt.

Photo Magnets

There are tons of photo magnet crafts that you can do yourself. Photo magnets are a thoughtful and personal DIY Mother’s Day gift, and all you need to make your own are some photos, glue and magnets. You can customize your own version of photo magnets, or you can follow this simple tutorial that we’ve put together.

Magnetic Tea Cup Garden

If you have a mother that loves to garden, then check out this DIY indoor magnetic garden. All you need are some tin cans, paint, magnets and of course, the soil and plants to put in them. This can also make for a fun activity that you can do together with your Mom.  Instead of using tin cans though, you can use old tea cups. Simply follow the same instructions, without needing to paint them, and you’ll have some cute magnetic planters.

Finding a gift that makes moms feel special doesn’t have to be a harrowing task. You can make it fun and give it your own signature touch when you create a DIY gift. If you decide to try out one of these crafts for Mother’s Day, we’d love to see your creations! Feel free to share them with us in the comments or on our social pages.

Photo by Stacle