Love is in the air, and wedding season is nearly here! As a bride or groom, you know how important it is to save money without sacrificing the aesthetic you have been dreaming of for your big day. Rather than pay your florist extra to craft custom boutonnieres, why not make them yourself with this fast and easy magnetic hack? Choose your flowers and color scheme for a truly unforgettable touch of elegance! 

Collect Your Supplies and Get Crafting

Here are the items you will need: 

  • Craft wire
  • 1" x 1/4" 1/4" bar magnets
  • Green craft tape no greater than ¾” width 
  • Fresh or fake flowers of your choice (remember the filler)
  • Hot glue
  • Sheers or sharp scissors 


  1. Start by attaching your bar magnet to a 2” piece of craft wire with a dab of hot glue.
  2. Begin by taking your centerpiece flower (roses work nicely) and removing the guard petal (optional).
  3. Remove any large leaves to achieve the desired look for your groom and groomsmen. 
  4. Leaving about ½ - ¾” of your flower’s stem, cut the remainder of your stem off using your shears or scissors. 
  5. Cut a piece of wire 4-5” in length and place it through the base of your flower, wrapping the extra wire around the stem for strength and stability. 
  6. Then, apply a layer of tape to cover the wire.
  7. Place your filler flowers and leaves in your desired location against the centerpiece flower, using your colored tape to secure them.
  8. Finally, poke your magnet attached to the wire through your centerpiece flower stem, bending any extra wire flush with the stem, and taping it in place.  
  9. Create as many boutonnieres as groomsmen in your party and attach them by placing the other magnet inside your groomsmen’s coats, affixing each boutonniere properly.
  10. Consider creating a different look for your groom than your groomsman, if desired. 


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