We’ve shared a lot of DIY magnet projects in the past to keep your home, office, and any other workspace organized, visit the Fix it With Magnets section of our blog if you don’t believe us! Next time you’re in the mood to start a new project, check out these 4 DIY magnet projects below and make future DIY projects easier and more organized! 

Magnetic Tool Organizer

By using a 4” x 2” piece of sheet metal, small screws, a drill, a 2” x 1” x ½” block magnet, tin snips, and some pliers, you can create a small but mighty tool organizer for continued use.

You’ll want to follow the detailed tutorial here, but essentially, start by placing your bar magnet in the center of the sheet of metal, outlining it and extending the lines to each edges, cutting the corner blocks that are made, and then folding the remaining pieces to create a box with the magnet in it. Notice two sides will fold above the magnet. These will become your mounting flaps. Next, drill holes on the flaps with screws and hang your box on the bottom of a shelving unit. You’ll be able to hang any screwdriver or small tool for easy access and visibility in the future. 

DIY Magnetic Socket Holder

Never worry about lost sockets again! For this project, you’ll need your drill and set of drill bits/sockets, 2 plywood boards (being about ½” x 6” x 4’), sandpaper, wood glue, pencil, a set of ½” x 1/8” adhesive-backed disc magnets, and, if you want, paint or wood stain.

Outline each of your sockets in descending size order on one of the boards. Then, drill out the traced holes, sanding them when finished. Place the uncut board on top of the cut board, put a marking in the center of the holes, and attach disc magnets on top of these markings. Glue the board together, lining them up so the disc magnets cover the entire holes, and wait for it to dry, or paint it and put the sockets into their holes. Don’t worry, the magnets are strong enough that they’ll keep hold of them.

Organize Your Junk Drawer

It’s time to organize your junk drawer once and for all. First things first, take out everything and throw away/recycle the items you don’t need. Those restaurant menus you’ve never looked at? The electric cord you’re sure goes to something but you haven’t needed in years? Recycle them, it’s time. 

With only your “essentials” left, you can now start to organize For larger items like pens, and tape, attach rare earth magnets to them and hang them on the fridge, to the side of your metal cabinet, or anything magnetic! For heavier items like scissors or flashlights, be sure to use a stronger magnet

Bonus tip — attach a flashlight to your fuse box for a quick fix the next time your power goes out. To keep smaller items like paper clips, nails, thumbtacks, and batteries from getting jumbled as soon as you shut the drawer, attach small disc magnets on the sides of the drawers. This way, each of these small items will attach to a different magnet. 

Magnetize Your Objects

Use a bar magnet to magnetize your screwdriver so screws won’t fall off when you’re putting them into place. Grab a bar magnet, paper clip, and whatever steel object you want to magnetize. Place the north pole end of the bar magnet to one side of the item — it should stick because the item should be magnetic. Begin to move the magnet over the side of the item, without detaching it. Also, be careful not to get your fingers stuck in between the tool and the magnet. Run the magnet over the item 10-20 times. 

To test if it’s magnetized, move the item over to the paperclip. If it’s magnetized, it should pick up the paper clip! The item will only hold its magnetism for a short while. Once enough time passes or the item is hit off of a surface, the electrons will shift causing them to lose their magnetic alignment. 

Stay Organized with Apex Magnets 

There are many common household problems that could easily be solved with magnets. If you have your own magnetic hack, we’d love to hear about it! Leave us a post on our Facebook page with your hack for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog post.