Usually made with neodymium magnets, magnetic phone holders are convenient and easy to use. Since they’ve gotten popular, people have been concerned whether this handy gadget is actually damaging their phones. We’re here to tell you that it’s safe to use a magnetic phone mount, contrary to what many believe. Here are the most common concerns with magnet use around phones and why you have nothing to worry about! DISPLAY Do you remember creating psychedelic colors on your electronics by swiping magnets over them or even pressing on them with your fingers? Older televisions, phones, and desktop computers were susceptible to magnetic interference, causing the screens to be disrupted. With IPS LCD screens, AMOLED, and OLED screens on our smartphones today, however, our devices no longer have a reliance on a magnetic field to function. This means that magnets do not affect electronics the way they once did. MEMORY You also don’t have to worry about losing any data! Your contacts, images, and emails are safe around magnets. This is because cell phones now hold storage clips for memory, as opposed to former hard drive use. BATTERY Smartphones usually have Lithium-ion batteries where charging is a result of a chemical reaction. While users report lower battery percentages after using magnetic phone mounts, this can typically be explained by the use of navigation in the car while using the phone mount—we all know using GPS requires a lot of energy! POSSIBLE PROBLEMS While your screen, memory, or battery aren’t threatened by magnets, your phone’s compass can be. A powerful magnet can interfere with your compass reading and even slightly magnetize some of the steel inside your phone. This magnetization could then continue to interfere with future compass readings. Even if you don’t use the compass app, some GPS apps, such as Google Maps, rely on the compass for your orientation. There are other apps, especially game apps, that also rely on compass readings. If you have a corrupt compass (from magnet damage), these apps could become nearly impossible to use. The parts of your phone that could be affected, such as speakers or the compass, are located on the edge of your phone so you can take preventative measures to protect your phone by placing your mount away from these areas. LEARN MORE Magnets have actually been used for many technological upgrades for iPadsphone cases, and other Apple productsFor more information on how magnets can influence your work or day-to-day life, browse through some of our other industry topics or contact us today. Our team is standing by to help you make the right purchase.