Pets are a vital part of any family unit. They’re always there to cheer us up, snuggle up with us when we’re down, and greet us as soon as we return home. To honor our best friends, we put together a list of magnetic DIY tips and a fun fact to make living with your pet safer and more enjoyable! DIY Magnetic Screen Door: In a previous blog post, we discussed the installation of a magnetic screen door. The solution this project provides is a win-win for both keeping pests away from your home while also providing your pets with more freedom. The best part - if you have an excitable pet, the magnetic screen door will save you from having to make multiple screen repairs when they inevitably dart through the screen.  Getting started is simple -- first, measure your door frame and then gather 2 large pieces of rectangular screen mesh, strong sewing magnets, and sewing supplies. Next, cut your mesh so that it fits inside the door AND has at least 4” of room on all ends. When sewing your magnets into the mesh along the inside of the two mesh flaps, be sure to evenly place the magnets in the mesh to ensure maximum support, and make seams to hold the magnets. By following the DIY found here, you’ve created a magnetic latch system that allows unlimited dog access to the outdoors with the added security of strong magnets to hold the screen together. Magnetic Food & Water Bowls: Every pet owner knows that pets are notorious for constantly making a mess when moving their dishes. Why not simplify potential cleanup by implementing magnets?  To avoid messes, grab 8 disc magnets, adhesive, a wooden crate, 4 dog bowls, and 2 plastic cups. Start by gluing 4 of the disc magnets to the bottom of the inner dog bowls, creating a “snap-in-snap-out” system. Glue the second round of magnets on the bottoms of the second bowls, making sure the magnets of both bowls will align when stacked on top of each other. ,  You’ll then place two plastic cups within the crate, and nestle the bowls onto them, cutting the top of the cups until they’re level with the rim of the crate. Place the cups top-down in the crate, then glue the bottoms of the dog bowls to the bottom of the cups. Finally, fill the inner crate with something soft and inexpensive. You can use bubble wrap, old cloth, or anything else soft! Add rocks or something similar for aesthetics and you’re set! Sound confusing? Here’s a visual guide to complete this project for your furry friends. Keep Cabinets Doors Shut with Magnets We all have that one pesky cabinet that just won’t shut no matter what we do. We also know how curious our pets can be when they make these discoveries. Rather than a costly remodel, try implementing the use of magnets! We’ve touched on this before, so we’ll give you a quick rundown. To begin, grab disc magnets, adhesive, thin metal, or binder clips. Next, mark a spot on the inside of each cabinet door and where it comes in contact with the trim. Glue a magnet to that location. Take the binder clips and attach them to the cabinet trim. If you use a piece of metal, you can line it up with the magnet, and glue it to the piece of trim. After drying, you are all set and there is no longer the worry of your pet getting into something unsafe! Fun Fact: Dog Poop & Magnetism Did you know dogs use the Earth’s magnetic field to determine where they relieve themselves? Neither did we! A study published by Frontiers in Zoology says dogs chose to go in a north-south axis and that dogs have been found to be sensitive to small variations in Earth’s magnetic field. The study featured 70 dogs, 37 breeds, and many “samples.” Dogs were in a free-roaming environment and were not influenced by walls, roads, or common infrastructure. Researchers found calm magnetic field conditions were the preferred choices aligned with the north-south axis and that the dogs avoided the east-west axis altogether. The study is still unsure as to why though. Get More From Apex MagnetsThese DIY projects are perfect to help spruce up your home while benefiting your pet! Craving more DIY projects in relation to magnetism? Be sure to view other past DIY blogs we’ve created to help you continue to better your home! And if you try these DIYs out, be sure to send us a picture, featuring your pups!