We’ve all been there - the ring that slipped down the drain, the battery that won’t budge --the list of inconvenient situations we all experience around the house could go on and on. These unexpected, but inevitable, annoyances can throw off your whole day. But, the good news is, we’ve found solutions to get you through life’s little surprises. Read on to see how magnets can rescue you in a sticky situation. 

Retrieving Items From The Drain

Losing an item down the drain can be heartbreaking or a simple inconvenience, depending on the item. Dropping a treasured piece of jewelry can ruin your day, but it doesn’t have to! By tying a piece of twine to a cylinder magnet and lowering it down the drain until your item attaches to the magnet, then gently pull the entire system out of the drain, you will easily retrieve it. For this rescue mission, we recommend at least a ¼” x 1” cylinder magnet as it’s big enough to really grip -- the last thing you want is to drop everything down the drain! However, other sizes will work depending on your drain size and lost item. While this trick works on precision heirlooms, you can also use it to retrieve more practical items such as a fork from the garbage disposal. 

Bonus product: our flexible flashlight provides light when you need it most. Check out this versatile magnetic pickup tool that includes a 3-LED flashlight and incorporates a strong neodymium magnet at the tip that’s tested to hold ferrous metal up to 3 lbs! 

Removing A Stuck Battery

Replacing a remote can be not only annoying but, expensive, especially when it is due to a battery becoming stuck. When you cannot loosen the battery with your fingers alone, magnets come to the rescue! We recommend using a cylinder magnet, specifically, the ⅜” x ⅜” cylinder neodymium magnet. If you find that your battery is very stuck, consider studying the pull force of the magnet you select. The more difficult the rescue is the higher the pull force will need to be. Luckily for you, we include the pull force information on each magnet product page. As always, remember to use safety best practices when handling strong magnets.  

Reducing Metal Splinters

We know work areas can get messy from time to time and sometimes, those messes can cause painful metal splinters in your hands and arms. To avoid metal splinters, use a block magnet to attract any metal shavings or debris from your work area before you move on to the next step in a project. We recommend a 3/4" x 1/4" x 1/8" block neodymium magnet for general tabletop work areas, and if you are needing to clean an entire workshop to avoid injury, take a look at our magnetic shop floor sweepers.

Apex Magnets To The Rescue

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