We’ve been there: You’re perusing Pinterest or browsing blogs when you catch a project that you absolutely must make. Maybe you even saw it on our magnet blog! You hit the purchase button to get all the supplies you need and a few days later, a box arrives at your door. It’s time to jump right in and make the gorgeous, Instagram-ready project you’ve been dreaming of, right?

Hold on there, sailor, because we’ve got some news for you: While your magnets can be useful and educational, they also have a few limitations. If you find yourself making any of these magnet mistakes, you may actually damage your magnets.

Handle Your Magnets With Care

While for the most part, projects that use magnets are perfectly safe, there are a few things that magnets just aren’t good for. For example, neodymium magnets that are allowed to slam together can crack, chip, or even shatter. The rule here? Handle your magnets gently, and wear eye protection when you’re using them! During projects where you’re using magnets, make sure you’re handling them with care.

Keep It Cool With Magnets

You should also avoid heating up your magnets. Did you know that neodymium magnets will begin to lose their magnetic properties if heated above 176° F (82° C)? We want to ensure that your magnets stay, well, magnetic - so keep them out of the oven or in other extreme temperatures. Any magnet DIYs that call for an oven should never call for the magnet to actually be put into the oven at any point.

Don’t Drill Your Magnets

Finally, neodymium magnets are brittle. That means they can be prone to chipping and cracking if handled improperly. We recommend you don’t drill or otherwise try to mechanically alter your magnets. This is why we offer neodymium magnets in a wide variety of shapes - so you won’t have to alter them yourself. We also recommend purchasing the size and shape you need for your projects.

We believe that magnets are a great tool for use in home improvement projects, DIY decoration projects, and even for use in education. With so many cool magnet DIYs and projects at your fingertips, it’s well worth your while to protect your supplies.

Image by Tim Patterson