Living with a lot of people under the same roof with only one refrigerator can lead to a lack of space. You quickly find yourself coming up with creative (and not so functional) ways to fit all of your food in one small space. With magnets, however, we can solve your storage issues! These easy-to-make magnetic plastic containers will help you declutter your fridge and utilize as much space as possible.

What You’ll Need


  1. First, place a dab of glue on one side of the magnet
  2. Next, firmly press the magnet on the bottom of the plastic container
  3. Wait for the adhesive to dry. Once dry, use the labels and markers to label the containers for easy access.
  4. Finally, fill up the containers and start placing them in your fridge!

Magnetic containers are an ideal solution for a cluttered, disorganized fridge. If you don’t need to utilize them within your fridge, you can also use them on the outside of your fridge for spices or dry pantry goods.

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