By adding some magnets into your spring cleaning routine, you’ll find yourself creating a beautiful space you can enjoy all year round. Take these extra steps this “spring cleaning” season to transform your kitchen into your favorite room (if it isn’t already!).

Step 1: Clean

That garlic press might look fancy sitting on your counter, but if you’re not using it, it’s just adding to the clutter. Before you add more things into your space -- even if they’re helpful -- purge your kitchen of any items you don’t use. Or, at the very least, put them away in storage.

Scrub down everything to get a fresh look on the space you have. You can clean hard to reach spaces, like fish tanks, windows, or vases if you have some sponges and small disc magnets laying around. Simply cut a sponge in half and create a “pocket” inside each half to slide a small disc magnet in them. Then, put the magnetized sponges on each side of the glass object & wipe away dirt in a few easy swipes.

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Step 2: Organize

After you have everything clean, you can get to organizing. Even if you don’t have a tiny kitchen, organizing your space will leave you feeling much better, allowing you to focus your attention on cooking rather than finding utensils. An easy way to add some space is with hook magnets to organize your pots and pans. Place a small sheet of metal inside one of your shelves. Then, place a few hook magnets on the other side, facing downwards, and then hook pots and pans to the magnets. Not only will they be in reach and easy to see, but you’ll have space on the bottom for plates or other flat items!

Another great magnet hack is a magnetic knife holder -- all you need is a drill, some wood, glue, and disc magnets. Never again will you fumble through the drawers to get your slice on. You can also use a magnetic rack to hang knives or other metal utensils on the fridge for easy access.

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Step 3: Decorate

If you have some extra time, these kitchen DIYs are sure to spice up your life. While a lot of things have gone digital, we believe there’s still some old-fashioned charm to recipes. That said, keeping track of all those recipes can cause more grief than they’re worth. To combat this, use some magnets to create your own recipe board that can hang up on your fridge! With a magnetic board, some pin magnets, clothespins, and some paint/markers, you can have your very own display of family secrets. If you want to add some warmth into your kitchen, use some copper foil to create an inspiration board or cup organizer.

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