Sure, you can grab your equipment and go fishing with your friends, but you can also enjoy this activity without loading up the car and driving to the water. If you're more interested in the challenge of fishing than catching supper, consider inviting your friends over for a few rounds of magnetic fishing.

Here are the materials you need and the steps you should follow to ensure a fun time:

What you need
If you own expensive fishing equipment, it's a good idea not to use it for this particular activity. Instead, build your own fishing rod using wood poles, some string and neodymium magnets.

The type of strong magnets you use is up to you. String can wrap around magnets shaped like bars, blocks or cubes. However, you should also consider opting for hook magnets, as you could easily tie string around the hook portion of such an object.

Of course, you'll also need something to fish for. You can get creative and design floatable artificial fish made out of foam or plastic, or you can just go with objects known to float in water. Whatever you end up fishing for should have a magnet attached to it.

Finally, you can't go fishing without a body of water of some sort. An in-ground or above-ground pool of any size could be useful. If you don't have a pool, give this activity a go in a bathtub.

Once you've got all your materials, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1
First, you want to construct your magnetic fishing rod. Take a wood pole and tie a long string around its tip. Now, tie the other end of the string around a magnet of your choosing. That's all you need to do to create your magnetic fishing rod.

Step 2
Attach a magnet to each of the items you'll be fishing for. Make sure they are fastened together with strong glue that will not weaken once exposed to water.

Step 3
Place your items in the water, along with a few objects that don't have rare Earth magnets attached to them. This will make fishing for the magnetized a little tougher.

Step 4
Now, all you need to do is join your friends by the water and start fishing. Select specific items to fish for, as this will make it more challenging to avoid the other magnetized objects in the water.