If you have some extra time on your hands and want to spruce up your desk, this DIY drawer is a great project! The best part, the drawer will be secret —  only accessible by using a magnet! Don’t worry, we won’t tell your secret. 

The entire DIY and tutorial can be found here via Instructables. The magnet size will depend on what you want to put in the drawer  — if you want to keep valuables such as your laptop or other heavy electronics, be sure to get a strong pull force. We recommend using our cylinder magnets, like our 1/2” x 1” cylinder, that have the pull force of 32 pounds/magnet. 

The Locking System Explained 

This DIY creates a  magnetic locking system used for ultimate secrecy — with no evident opening or keyhole visible. Wondering how it works? In this system, a horizontal PVC pipe will hold the cylinder magnet. When cutting the tube, make sure there’s enough space for the magnet to easily slide in and out. You’ll put the cylinder magnet inside the tube and fill it on the other side to prevent the magnet from falling out — if you don’t have a pill case like in the tutorial, you could add hot glue to the side and let it dry before putting the magnet in to create a barrier with the hard, dried glue. For an extra step, you can add a spring to the tube prior to the magnet to enable an automatic locking system. 

Putting It Together

Now that you have your pipe with the spring and magnet, you’ll want to drill a hole into the drawer of the desk. Going from the inside, place your screw into the hole as far as it will go and then glue the pipe (with the magnet and spring in it) to the screw’s top. When you use a magnet near the locking system, the magnet inside the tube will attract and move with the outside magnet, using the screw to cause the drawer to open. To close the drawer, just do the same maneuver backwards. 

As a bonus, you can create a secret charging hole for your devices. Just drill a hole at the back of the desk and the drawer — making sure the holes are large enough to fit the charger inside. 

Try Out Two More Secret Magnet Hacks 

Hide your jewelry with a picture frame and magnets with this relatively easy DIY! Want to hide your words instead? Use magnetic field viewer film to reveal secret hidden messages! By using 1/4"x 1/8” neodymium disc magnets and thick plastic board, you can create a message that is only viewable when you use magnetic field viewer film! Read a detailed tutorial on our page here.

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