Father’s Day is quickly approaching and if you haven’t found the perfect gift for the father figure in your life, we have a few ideas! Your dad isn’t like any other dad. If you’d like to make the lucky parent in your life feel as special as they are this June 15th, make your gift a thoughtful one. Check out these gift ideas for the father figure in your life:

Beverage Connoisseur

If your dad loves to crack open a brew and sit back and relax, then try this magnetic bottle opener! You can always add in a case of his favorite drink too.


Everyone loves a good book, right? These DIY magnetic Father’s Day bookmarks are an easy way to mark the special place he has in your heart!


There are tons of neat magnetic gifts that you can make or buy your dad if he loves cooking. For example, check out this DIY magnetic spice rack tutorial from Amy Bites or look into a magnetic grill thermometer mount.

Sports enthusiast

Does your dad love sports? If so, what’s the favorite team or player? Easily frame a jersey or other notable sports memorabilia and hang it with no-damage neodymium magnets! Another spin on this idea is to print out miniature jerseys and turn them into a themed set of kitchen magnets.

Science-loving Nerd

There are times when our parents may seem like the smartest people we know. If you have a super smart or just plain nerdy parent that you’d like to honor with a unique gift, try a ferrofluid kit! Ferrofluid is a neat scientific phenomenon and it can make for some cool desk decor!

If none of the above feel like a good fit, here is a gift that all can appreciate: a magnetic memory board! Assemble pictures of you and your dad using a magnetic board and some magnets.

These are just a few ideas that we came up with, but you probably know your father figure best. So, trust your opinion and you’ll most likely pick the best way to celebrate Father’s Day with that special parent in your life!

Photo by Kentfrayn