Whether you have a tiny bathroom or even a master suite, we could all use some extra organization in one of the most used rooms in our home! You don’t need to buy furniture to have an organized space, instead, use some of these ideas below to incorporate magnets in your bathroom.

Organization Tips & Tricks

If the bag in your metal trash can is always falling down, use magnets to hold the bag in place! Just put the bag on as normal while extending it down the sides. Then, stick disc magnets on top of the bag on the outside of the can for easy, no-slip bags.

Tired of everything falling out of your medicine cabinet? Grab some block magnets and place them inside the cabinet, on the wall above the sink, or even on the sides of drawers as a catch-all for your hairpins, tweezers, or other grooming tools. You can also stick one disc magnet to the bottom of a shelf and another on the lids of your medications to keep them securely in place.

If you have some sewing skills, add some magnets to the door and inside the towel to make a secure hanging rack! Find the detailed tutorial here. You can also sew disc magnets into your shower curtain liner so it can stay put to the tub.

Block magnets are also perfect for a DIY magnetic toothbrush holder. Line up some block magnets end to end on a wall, mount, or even the cabinet. Electric toothbrushes should stick easily to the magnets, but for other, more standard brushes, just add a tiny screw or metal washer to have it stick to the magnets.


If you’re feeling inspired after doing these small hacks, invest some time into creating more magnet crafts -- like your own makeup board to organize your things exactly as you want. You can find a more detailed tutorial here, but all you need is some ring magnets, a metal backing, and a frame -- you can get any sizes of these that you want. If you need something smaller, you can just use a cookie sheet or serving tray. You can even really make it yours by painting the frame or cutting fabric to fit the metal sheet. Use disc or ring magnets to hold or hang each of your products. Smaller items may only need one magnet to hold it, but larger bottles or containers may need two to three, depending on the strength of the magnet you’re using.

Another fun DIY is making a mason jar storage shelf. Organize everything from cotton swabs to bobby pins with this adorable mason jar shelf. You’ll have the shelf space on the top to put any decorations or necessities and then have the bottom portion with mason jars held up with countersink ring magnets. By drilling the magnets to the shelf, you can mix and match mason jars to stick to them. For a detailed how-to, check out this article.  

Apex Magnets Can Be Used Anywhere!

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