How are you welcoming in the New Year? At Apex Magnets, we’re ringing in 2016 with a huge sale on ring magnets! So, if your New Year’s resolution doesn't include incorporating more magnets into your life, here are eight things that will change your mind:

1. Science Experiment

You can use ring magnets in this magnetic science experiment demonstrating the properties of magnetism and the influence of magnetic fields. This experiment is easy, fun, and doubles as a great desktop toy for your office.

2. Clever Geocaching

If you’re an avid treasure hunter and geocacher, use this tutorial to incorporate ring magnets into geocaching. With ring magnets, you can cleverly hide your treasures and create compelling challenges for others.

3. Household Chores

If you plan on getting organized in 2016, here are some magnetic solutions you can use to simplify your household chores. Cleaning your fish tank will be easier than ever with ring magnets and sponges. You can use a ring magnet instead of the disc magnet suggested in the tutorial so you can tie a string to your sponge and pull it out of your fish tank easily after it’s clean.

4. Navigating On Your Motorcycle

How do you navigate when you’re on a motorcycle and it’s too windy for maps? You won’t get lost when you use ring magnets to secure directions to your motorcycle.

5. Bottle Opener

Instead of using disc magnets in this DIY tutorial for a bottle opener fridge magnet, try using ring magnets for an equally effective magnetic solution to your bottle opening needs.

6. Make A Jewelry Holder

Get your jewelry collection organized this year with this tutorial on how to make a hidden jewelry holder with ring magnets and a picture frame. This is a great way to display jewelry while also decluttering your space.

7. Latches For Cabinet Doors

Install magnetic latches on your cabinet doors to prevent them from opening unintentionally. If home improvement is one of your resolutions this year, fixing those pesky cabinet doors is a great place to start.

8. Create Street Art

Get creative in 2016 and try making magnetic street art! Incorporating ring magnets is an innovative way to engage bystanders in your art. Magnetic street art is also a great way to display your work temporarily without leaving a permanent mark.

We have many different shapes of magnets and each shape has different uses. Can you think of any more uses for ring magnets?