The past year has been uncharacteristically difficult for a lot of people. It’s times like these where we need to spread positivity and uplift each other even more. One fun way to do that is by making kindness rocks! You may have heard of this viral trend before as The Kindness Rocks Project, where people paint stones and leave them to be found and collected by others. The intent was to bring a smile to someone’s face when they discovered a colorful rock with an inspirational message on it. 

We’ll teach you how to make your own magnetic kindness rock to spread little reminders of happiness around your home. Remember, this DIY is perfect for all ages—but when crafting with children be sure an adult is present.

What You’ll Need:

Making Your Kindness Rock:

  1. After searching outside for a few flat rocks or visiting your local craft store for river stones, clean your rocks of dirt/oils. This will help the glue adhere correctly when you get to that step! Once clean and dried. coat each one with a bright color using non-toxic acrylic paints. 
  2. Once the initial layer of paint has dried, you can use your paint pens to write inspirational messages and quotes on the rocks. What it says is completely up to you, so have fun with it! Since the rocks will be magnetized to surfaces in your home, you can personalize them for specific people in your life. 
  3. Next, attach a 1" x 1/16" Discs - Neodymium Magnet to the back of the rock using super glue. Let dry completely. 
  4. Now your Kindness Rock is all ready to be stuck on your fridge, whiteboards, and other magnetic surfaces in your home or classroom. Just place them somewhere and let their message do the rest! 

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