When it comes to ways to use adhesive magnets around the house, the only thing limiting yourself is your own creativity. Adhesive magnets have various purposes, and we’ll explore some examples of their usage below.

Prep Work

Before applying any of the magnets, be sure to do the necessary prep work. Depending on the surface the adhesive will be placed on, you may need to lightly sand the area to create a flat texture for the adhesive to bond to. Next, clean the area of dust and oils with a mild alcohol solution. 

You’ll want to allow the adhesive to set for a minimum of eight hours, but preferably a full day (or overnight) to ensure that the adhesive is set and dry. Have magnets on hand already and wanna use them for other purposes like decorating? We wrote this past blog on which types of adhesives will match best with our neodymium magnets.

Decorating the Bedroom

Instead of damaging the walls and paint with nails, you can use adhesive magnets to apply items like pictures and art to the wall in an easy and cost-efficient way. Let’s face it, our spaces are continually changing. From kids growing up to simply switching rooms, magnets can allow for an easier transition! Other ways to use magnets are attaching magnets to the corners of blankets and sheets to keep them together and using magnetic hooks to display items like jewelry. Check out this past blog featuring other cool tips for decorating and organizing your bedroom with magnets! 

Around the Kitchen

Implementing magnets into your kitchen can create fun, modern charm! Try creating a magnetic knife rack, a magnetic spice holder, or applying magnetic paint to create a message or menu board. In addition, you can use adhesive magnets to keep pesky cabinet doors shut and use some magnetic hooks on the wall to add extra storage for pots and pans. The possibilities are endless when you let the creativity flow!


Adhesive magnets are a great way to organize everyday items in your home. Adhesive magnets can quickly tidy items and keep them from continually scattering, like in a junk drawer. Do you have a lot of makeup and no room to store it? Check out this blog post to create a magnetic makeup board. Speaking of blog posts, check out how you can organize your shed with magnets! One of our favorite tips is applying adhesive magnets to mason jars to create a hanging jar organizer

The Possibilities Are Endless With Apex Magnets

Adhesive magnets have multiple uses throughout the home, making them versatile and beneficial to just about anyone! For more cool projects involving magnets, view our blog page today!