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  1. 4 Ways to Use Magnets To Upgrade Your Gardening

    4 Ways to Use Magnets To Upgrade Your Gardening
    ‘Tis the season for gardening! Over the years, we’ve shared a few magnetic hacks, tips, and crafts to help in your gardening efforts, but we wanted to do a round up of a few of our favorites.  Continue reading →
  2. Magnetic Crafts and DIYs for Mother’s Day

    Magnetic Crafts and DIYs for Mother’s Day
    While one of the best gifts to give mom would be a day off, handmade gifts from her little ones comes in a close second. This year, give mom a gift that’s not only thoughtful but functional — we’re talking about magnetic crafts! As always, these projects should be done with adult supervision, with adults handling the magnets at all times. We’ve got two different sets of magnetic diys that mom will love — personalized fridge magnets and upgrades to your standard picture frame. Check them out below! Continue reading →
  3. Magnetic DIY Roundup for Spring

    Magnetic DIY Roundup for Spring
    The last of the winter snow is melting, signaling that Spring is nearly here! To celebrate the changing of seasons, we have compiled a list of our favorite magnetic DIYs.  After seeing these festive springtime crafts, you’ll want to make them all!  Continue reading →
  4. Magnetic DIY Best Practices

    Magnetic DIY Best Practices
    Over the years, we’ve compiled a lot of DIYs here at Apex. From magnetic coasters and spice racks to calendars and polaroid magnets—we have something for everyone to try. Even if you are an experienced crafter, it’s still important to brush up on and follow a set of best practices when handling magnets. Safety and education are two of the most important factors when it comes to Apex DIYs, but hopefully, you have some fun in the process!  Continue reading →
  5. DIY Rainbow Clay Magnets

    DIY Rainbow Clay Magnets
    Rainbows represent joy thanks to their full, bright colors making them perfect inspiration for this easy yet functional February DIY. Below, we’ll teach you how to make your very own rainbow magnet to hang on your fridge or anywhere else you need a little extra color this season. Let’s get started! Continue reading →
  6. Magnetic DIY: Removable Marble Backsplash

    Magnetic DIY: Removable Marble Backsplash
    Are you the sort of person who likes to switch up their home decor frequently? Whether that’s every season or maybe even every week, we have a perfect solution for you! This magnetic DIY allows you to easily install a kitchen backsplash and change it out whenever you want! We’ll start you off with something very simple and classic—marble. Once you try out the magnetic marble backsplash, you are free to switch it up as many times as you want — with any material really! Make some time this weekend for this functional yet fun craft — let’s get started! Continue reading →
  7. Magnetic Sensory Activities You Can Make at Home With Simple Objects

    Magnetic Sensory Activities You Can Make at Home With Simple Objects
    Do you need some calm and relaxation in your life? Let’s be real — after 2020, all of our hands are raised. Sensory activities are often overlooked tools that both children and adults can benefit from. These magnet crafts only require a few items to make, but they’ll provide you with hours of entertainment.  Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Magic Tricks

    Magnetic Magic Tricks
    If you’ve followed along on our blog, you probably know that magnets aren’t just for business. operating in many different areas of our lives. What’s one of those uses you may not have thought of? Magic. That’s right, magnets can make magic tricks easier and even more exciting. You don’t have to be a magician to wow a friend or family member with a simple trick, all you need are some magnets and a quick hand. Keep reading to learn how to do 3 impressive magic tricks using magnets! Continue reading →
  9. Getting Ready for the New Year

    Getting Ready for the New Year
    The New Year is quickly approaching! With 2021 on the horizon, it’s important to be ready to start it off right. Rest assured, Apex has you covered with some helpful DIYs for celebrating the big day and to keep you on track for the new year.  Continue reading →
  10. 2020 Magnetic Holiday Gift Guide

    2020 Magnetic Holiday Gift Guide
    As if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, 2020 brings us some added challenges. Whether you’re meeting in person or having a Zoom celebration, we wanted to take some of the pressure off of you with our holiday guide this year. So you can get your home ready and gifts wrapped without ever leaving your home — unless you have to walk to the mailbox for your next Apex shipment!  Continue reading →

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