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  1. Cute As A Button: DIY Button Magnets

    Cute As A Button: DIY Button Magnets
    Buttons are can be a crafter's ultimate resource. You can make anything out of buttons; there are countless options. Chances are, you have an endless collection of buttons in your craft box that you’d like to use. Well, you’re in luck! Today we have three simple, creative, and fun magnetic button DIYs. From layered button magnets to vintage key magnets, there’s a craft for all button enthusiasts. Keep reading to find out how to make each of these unique button magnets perfect for the fridge or your office. Continue reading →
  2. Magnets Are Coming: DIY Game of Thrones Bookmarks

    Magnets Are Coming: DIY Game of Thrones Bookmarks
    While we only have just shy of two seasons left of the HBO series Game of Thrones, the fandom will surely live on. Winter has come and it shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. With so much merchandise available, it can be hard to choose. Instead of forking over money, why not just create your own? Continue reading →
  3. Air Drying Clay Leaf Magnets

    Air Drying Clay Leaf Magnets
    During the summertime, flowers are in full bloom and the grass and trees are a vibrant green. The best part of this season is the bold, bright colors that come with sunshine and thunderstorms. Display your love for greenery and the outdoors with a simple with this fun project that everyone with love to help make. By using clay, artificial leaves, and watercolors, there are plenty of opportunities to use your creative freedom with this magnetic DIY! Continue reading →
  4. Tin Can Succulent Magnet

    Tin Can Succulent Magnet
      There are so many ways you can not only plant and display succulents—real or fake. A sure way to direct your house guests’ attention to your plants is to stick them on your fridge! There are so many different kinds of succulents to choose from, giving this DIY endless options and outcomes. Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Mason Jar Storage Shelf

    Magnetic Mason Jar Storage Shelf
    Have you ever been in a rush to get ready in the morning and realize you can’t find anything you need? Cotton swabs, dental floss, bobby pins — they all seem to disappear when you’re crunched for time. That’s where the magnetic mason jar storage shelf comes in. This DIY is not only extremely functional and convenient but also livens up your space. Continue reading →
  6. DIY Cactus Clay Magnets

    DIY Cactus Clay Magnets
    The cactus trend is currently at an all-time high — patterns, clothes, you name it. We wanted to get in on the cacti action and create a magnetic DIY that you could proudly display with your ever-growing cactus collection. The best part about this craft? Besides the oven-bake clay, you most likely already have the rest of the needed supplies in your home! Continue reading →
  7. DIY Wax Paper Photo Transfer Magnets

    DIY Wax Paper Photo Transfer Magnets
    We all love taking and displaying pictures, but it’s not always easy finding creative and innovative ways to display them. In fact, in this day-in-age, your collection of pictures is more likely to remain on your phone than on exhibit in your home. Luckily, magnets are here to save the day again! If you’re looking for ways to display your cherished memories, but are tired of the basic frames on a shelf, we have a great DIY for a creative (and magnetic) replacement. Continue reading →
  8. Clay Typewriter Key Magnets

    Clay Typewriter Key Magnets
    What’s one classic machine or tool that you wish we still used today? For many, it’s the typewriter. While not the most efficient, or even the most practical, way for writers to compile their manuscripts, the typewriter has seen a bit of a resurgence in the past decade. (Editor’s note: Unfortunately, we wrote this blog on a laptop). We’ve put together a quick DIY project to celebrate these beloved machines. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Tie-Dye Marbled Clay Magnets

    DIY Tie-Dye Marbled Clay Magnets
    While warm days and sunshine are on there way, there are bound to also be some rainy days this summer. If you need a simple indoor project, these DIY, tie-dye marbled clay magnets are a fun and easy craft to brighten up your day. You can personalize each magnet with your own color schemes, patterns and shapes. You can get almost of the supplies for this craft at your local craft supplies store, which makes these just as convenient to make as they are fun! These clay magnets will be entertaining to create for the entire family! Continue reading →
  10. Modern Hexagon Magnets

    Modern Hexagon Magnets
    Geometric shapes are certainly trendy right now. They pair well with many modern aesthetics because of their clean lines meant to represent simplicity or minimalist design styles. This DIY magnetic project is not only a wonderful accent for your modern decor, but it is also extremely easy to make (keeping with the whole minimalism trend)! Continue reading →

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