Being a parent already has its stressors, but this year, homeschooling is becoming a new reality for so many. We commend parents who are now taking on the role of “teacher” and want to share some magnet tips and tricks to make your new “job” a little easier on you and your kids!  Revamp Your Space Hang Posters, Pictures, and a Copper Inspiration Board Get you and your kids in the school mindset by creating a conducive learning space, even if it’s just a table in the corner of the living room! Make the space exciting and engaging by using adhesive magnets to hang posters and pictures. You can easily create little “desks” by making copper magnetic inspiration boards using this tutorial. Magnetic Supply Organizer You can read the entire tutorial here, but all you’ll need to create a magnetic supply organizer are some small neodymium disc magnets and a plate or bowl of your choosing. Simply glue one magnet to the underside of the bowl and you’re all set! The strength of the magnet you’ll need will be dependent on the materials you’re holding inside the bowls, but we’d recommend a 6mm X 3mm disc magnet to start with.  Magnetic Calendar Keep everyone on the same page with an easy-to-read magnetic calendar! The magnets add a level of flexibility so that when plans change, you can easily rearrange. Grab 18mm x 2mm disc magnets, flathead pin magnets, a Sharpie or pen, sticky notes, and washi tape and then head to the tutorial here to get started.  Having Fun With Magnetism When your kids grow tired of their school work, bring in some fun and engaging magnetism demonstrations to keep them engaged! Here are a few of our easiest tutorials:  Magnetize Metal Objects to Showcase Magnetism For this, you really only need a paperclip, a bar magnet, and a steel object a screwdriver or sewing needle would work well! When a magnet rubs against a metal object, it causes the electrons in the object to align, resulting in magnetism. This isn’t a permanent change, but the magnetism will hold for a while. In order to demagnetize your steel object, just hit the object on a surface. The impact causes the electrons to lose their magnetic alignment! Another way to easily showcase magnetism is to place a bar magnet under a piece of white paper and spread metal shavings over top (with caution). This will immediately show where the bar magnet’s magnetic field is by seeing where the shavings disperse. To read the full tutorial of these two demonstrations, check out this blog post Create Magnetic Toy Cars Move cars around thanks to magnetism! Toy cars, of course. All you need for this DIY are a few toy cars, small bar magnets, clear tape, and a classic horseshoe magnet or other larger magnet. Get started by reading the whole tutorial here.  Teach With Magnets With the Help of Apex Magnets For more magnetic demonstrations, check out this blog post about classroom demonstrations or this previous blog for more magnetic DIYS full of magnetic information to teach your kids at home!  We’d love to see your new magnetic “classrooms.” Head to our Facebook page to share any of your creations with us for a chance to be featured.