Running out of ideas for how to lead science class? We’ve got you covered with these magnetic DIYs and blogs full of magnetic information to make your job of “teacher” a little easier!  Magnetic Puzzle Keep kids busy and say goodbye to lost puzzle pieces with this simple magnet craft hack! Read the entire tutorial here, but it’s pretty simple. All you need is a children’s puzzle of your choice, ¾’ x ⅛’ ceramic disc magnets, and hot glue gun and glue sticks. Just glue one magnet to each puzzle piece and let dry! Our fun tip -- have your kiddos build the puzzle on a cookie sheet. This way, if it gets knocked off the table, you won’t lose your progress.  Magnetic Paint Activity While it can get a little messy, this magnetic paint activity will allow your kids to create fridge-worthy work that you’ll want to display all summer long. Just plan for bath time to be after the activity! It’s important to have adult supervision during the entire activity as these magnets are super strong and you want to make sure you hold the magnet far enough from the bottom of the shoebox to not pinch any fingers! First, you’ll want to cut some white paper to fit in the bottom of a shoebox. Then, you’ll put a few drops of different colored paint on top of the white paper. Drop a slightly bent paper clip into the box. Help your child move a bar magnet underneath of the shoebox to move the paper clip around in the box. This will spread the paint on the white paper, creating a unique piece of artwork! Read the entire tutorial here.  Magnetic Personalities Lessons Check out all of our magnetic personalities here. From Magnes the Shepherd to Neil deGrasse Tyson, we’ve covered a lot of magnetic scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts through the years. Read from each of them and teach your kids about their amazing contributions to science and magnetism research. You may even learn something as well!  DIY Magnetic Galaxy Use magnets to make a DIY galaxy. Print out or draw images from our solar system -- like the moon, sun, and planets -- on a whiteboard or the wall! Then, have the name tags of each (check out this DIY on tips for making name tags with magnets) to have your kids put the magnet identification tags on the correct space item. Bonus points if the cutouts are anatomically correct!  Magnet Pen By using some ring magnets, you’ll be able to create a magic spinning pen that’ll feel like magic. The kids will love this one as they’ll watch the pen spin around seemingly by itself, but you’ll love being able to explain to them how magnetism works through this experiment. This one is a little bit more complicated, so check out the full tutorial here.  Create More with Apex Magnets Hopefully, these magnetic DIYs and experiments can alleviate some of the pressure parents are feeling by adding “teacher” to their daily tasks. Check out more magnet crafts here.