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  1. Magnets Can Improve the Efficiency of AI

    Magnets Can Improve the Efficiency of AI
    Did you know that magnets can improve the efficiency of artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic human brain-like behavior? According to recent research by Purdue University, strong magnets can be used to emulate brain-like networks in robotic devices. As AI, as well as other machine learning systems, are becoming increasingly prevalent in many industries, the introduction of magnets into these machines could be revolutionary.  Continue reading →
  2. A Deep Dive Into The Automotive Industry, Magnet Edition

    A Deep Dive Into The Automotive Industry, Magnet Edition
    Do you manufacture automobiles or automotive parts? You’re in luck because Apex Magnets offers a wide range of strong neodymium magnets that are ideal for automobiles.  From the brake system to sensing nearby objects, Apex Magnets has you covered! We offer neodymium, ceramic, ferrite, and many more strong magnets that will make the ride smoother and safer. Not to mention, we also offer heavy-duty magnets that can be used in automobile manufacturing to lift heavy parts of the vehicle and keep them in place throughout the production process.  From production line to finished product, we’ll be uncovering how magnets are used in the automotive industry.  Continue reading →
  3. The Reason Behind The Increase in Raw Material Prices

    The Reason Behind The Increase in Raw Material Prices
    At Apex Magnets, our customers are our main priority. That’s why we’re transparent, update them on important magnet news, and strive to offer fair prices. We believe it is beneficial to both of us.  Currently, the raw materials we use to make magnets, such as neodymium and cobalt, are very volatile. Because of this, our costs have increased over the last few months at a significant rate. That said, we are doing our best to keep pricing fair for you and your end-users.  Continue reading →
  4. Magnets Used in Scrap Yards

    Magnets Used in Scrap Yards
    Have you ever walked past a scrap yard and wondered how the large “scraps” are moved from one place to another? The answer is simple, yet difficult… magnets! Magnets come in different shapes, sizes, and strengths — some can even lift and move cars! In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on those large, high-strength magnets that are capable of moving heavy objects in scrap yards. Continue reading →
  5. Magnetic Filtration

    Magnetic Filtration
    If you work in the automobile or industrial machinery industry, you probably understand the importance of clean oil and machine reliability. When oil is contaminated with ferrous solids (iron or steel particles), it creates heat, friction, and vibrations, which negatively impact the oil integrity and the machine itself. In order to remove contaminants, magnetic filtration is necessary. According to tribologists and oil analysts, 90% of all particles suspended in oil can be ferromagnetic. Therefore, it is imperative that machinery has effective magnetic filtering systems.  Continue reading →
  6. Magnets in the Music Industry

    Magnets in the Music Industry
    If you work in the music industry or manufacture instruments, you probably know that an instrument's performance is not only determined by the person playing the instrument, such as if the instrument is tuned or not. However, you may have not known that the magnets inside of instruments largely impact the acoustics and sound.  The strength and size of the magnet inside of your instrument, and even your speaker, can impact the performance. When manufacturing musical instruments, you should consult a magnet expert like Apex Magnets to help determine the optimal magnet strength and size for your application. We’ve provided our magnet recommendations to help you determine the best type of magnet you need for your application.  Continue reading →
  7. How Magnets Are Helping People with Disabilities

    How Magnets Are Helping People with Disabilities
    According to the  CDC, in the United States, 61 million adults live with a disability and 3.6 percent of people have a self-care disability with difficulty dressing or bathing. Many companies are selling adaptive clothing that help people with disabilities get dressed more easily. In adaptive clothing, magnets replace buttons, zippers, and laces. From adaptive clothing, shoes, and accessories, magnets have transformed the way people with disabilities dress and express themselves— without limitation. To see how adaptive clothing has empowered people with disabilities, click hereContinue reading →
  8. Urban Mining-The Recycling of Rare Earth Elements

    Urban Mining-The Recycling of Rare Earth Elements
    Did you know that very few rare earth elements (REE) are recycled? Despite REEs being integral to many modern-day technologies, only 1%  are recycled from end products. This process of recovering rare earth elements is called urban mining. We’ll tell you all you need to know about urban mining, how REEs are recycled, and the potential for this market.  Continue reading →
  9. The Production of Rare Earth Minerals Throughout the Years

    The Production of Rare Earth Minerals Throughout the Years
    Did you know that some rare earth minerals, such as neodymium, are actually not rare? Rare earth minerals are called “rare” because it is very likely to find them in a pure form — in fact, there are deposits of them all over the world. Because of their abundance, rare earth minerals have played, and will continue to play, an integral role in multiple industries, such as high-tech and renewable energy companies. From early use, till now, and to the future, the production of rare earth minerals are key in multiple transformative products.  Continue reading →
  10. The New Found Popularity in Samarium-Cobalt Magnets

    The New Found Popularity in Samarium-Cobalt Magnets
    Samarium-cobalt magnets, also known as SmCo magnets, are an alloy made of two basic elements: samarium and cobalt. SmCo magnets are a type of permanent and rare earth magnet that is available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, etc. They are similar in strength to neodymium earth magnets, but they have additional properties that make them advantageous, such as high heat resistance. Due to their benefits, samarium cobalt magnets have increased in popularity tremendously. In fact, the samarium-cobalt magnet industry reached a value of $498 million in 2019, with China accounting for 71% of total consumption. Continue reading →

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