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  1. Spring Cleaning with Magnets DIY Round-Up

    Spring Cleaning with Magnets DIY Round-Up
    Although it might not feel like it in certain parts of the country, spring is just around the corner. For many households, that means it’s finally time for spring cleaning! Over the years, we’ve brought you plenty of cleaning tips and hacks that all use magnets in some way or another. So, with another season of spring cleaning upon us, we thought we’d look back at some of our favorites. Whether you’re looking to spruce up, declutter, organize, or completely overhaul your space, we’ve got a magnetic hack for you! Continue reading →
  2. Vase Cleaning the Magnetic Way!

    Vase Cleaning the Magnetic Way!
    Spring is right around the corner and as the age-old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers." Flowers can add an extra decorative touch to your home this time of year, but keeping your vases clean is important for many reasons. Vase cleaning can help eliminate the odors that come along with the standing water as well as extend the life of the flowers. Continue reading →
  3. Winter Home Hacks with Magnets

    Winter Home Hacks with Magnets
    Easy and Convenient Winter Home Hacks For many of us, winter can be a tough time of year. Ice, snow, and colder temperatures all come with their own, unique set of obstacles and headaches. Luckily, magnets are here to help! Read on for some of our favorite magnetic winter home hacks to help you make it to spring with out going crazy. Continue reading →
  4. Fidget Magnets for Stress Relief

    Fidget Magnets for Stress Relief
    The terms “stress relief” and “rattlesnake eggs” seem like they should never be included in the same sentence. However, there is a way to marry the two in a somewhat unexpected way: through magnets (surprise!). Read on to learn how you can use these rattlesnake eggs as fidget magnets.  Continue reading →
  5. 2019 Apex Magnets Gift Guide

    2019 Apex Magnets Gift Guide
    The holiday season is upon us, which means you’re probably making your annual shopping list and checking it twice. While some of the people on your list are easy to shop for, others probably present a bigger challenge. We have plenty of unique magnet gift ideas for every friend, family member, and coworker on your list this year. Continue reading →
  6. Hide Keys the Magnetic Way

    Hide Keys the Magnetic Way
    There are many ways to hide keys where they can be easily accessible in case of an emergency, or if anyone should need them. Keep reading to learn how to hide your key two different ways using magnets and some creativity! Continue reading →
  7. 3 Magnetic Classroom Hacks

    3 Magnetic Classroom Hacks
    It’s hard to believe that summer break is already over. While students reluctantly shuffle back into the classroom after months of rest and relaxation, teachers have been hard at work with lesson planning, supply gathering, and, of course, organizing their classrooms. Setting up a fun learning environment for students is easier said than done and can take a lot of time and effort. Luckily, magnets are here to save you a little of both! Continue reading →
  8. Magnetic Mason Jar Storage Shelf

    Magnetic Mason Jar Storage Shelf
    Have you ever been in a rush to get ready in the morning and realize you can’t find anything you need? Cotton swabs, dental floss, bobby pins — they all seem to disappear when you’re crunched for time. That’s where the magnetic mason jar storage shelf comes in. This DIY is not only extremely functional and convenient, but also livens up your space. Continue reading →
  9. DIY Magnetic Knife Display Rack

    DIY Magnetic Knife Display Rack
    A good cutlery set is a prized possession and essential for creating (or at least attempting to create) those delicious dinners every night. While a traditional knife block is a convenient way to store your cutlery, is it the best way to display them? This do-it-yourself display rack lets you show off your culinary investment. In particular, it’s perfect for those who favor rustic-design. Continue reading →
  10. Thrifty Magnetic Hacks for Your Apartment

    Thrifty Magnetic Hacks for Your Apartment
    Recently, this Apex blogger was taking stock of his apartment—particularly all of the improvements he could make. The problem? This Apex blogger is particularly frugal and balks at making even the most practical purchases. However, as he stared at his wall (devoid of any artwork because he’s too cheap to buy frames), he realized something: he had magnets. This realization begat another: he could not only improve the functionality and aesthetic of his apartment, but also save a good bit of money doing it, all with magnets. Continue reading →

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