Magnet Experiments

  1. Build Your Own Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger with Magnets

    Build Your Own Free Energy Mobile Phone Charger with Magnets
    You might be familiar with wireless charging options for your cell phone, but what about free energy charging options? While there are multiple meanings to the phrase “free energy” in scientific applications, for the purpose of our mobile charger experiment, the free energy is the amount of energy in a system that is available to do work. By harnessing free energy through the use of magnets, we’ve learned that with enough power, you’ll be able to charge your phone. Read on to learn more about the experiment and what you’ll need to make this possible!  Continue reading →
  2. DIY Magnetic Field Sensory Jar

    DIY Magnetic Field Sensory Jar
    Sensory activities are something that both children and adults can benefit from. This magnetic field sensory jar craft is no exception, allowing you to create something you can keep at your desk, take with you during long car rides—while you’re the passenger, of course—or keep by your bed to help you unwind and relax. This magnet craft only requires a...
  3. Keep Kids' Minds Active in the Summer With This Amazing Magnet Pen

    Keep Kids' Minds Active in the Summer With This Amazing Magnet Pen
    It can be hard to find activities for the kids to do that are both educational and fun, but this experiment is just that. Keep your kids busy and their minds active this summer by making a magic spinning pen. The best part? You probably have all of the materials for this experiment already! Continue reading →
  4. Build Your Own Speaker with Magnets

    Build Your Own Speaker with Magnets
    Magnets make music possible. How? Magnets are an important component of speakers and headphones, as they convert electrical energy into sound energy. The magnets transmit the sound energy through the “cone” of the speaker. While this description isn’t as complex as actual sound design, it gives you a brief idea of how magnets play a role in sound transmission. Continue reading →
  5. Create Your Own Backyard Magnetic Planetarium

    Create Your Own Backyard Magnetic Planetarium
    As magnet enthusiasts, we read a lot about all things magnetic—from influential people making magnetic discoveries and magnets in technology to how magnetism functions in space! We recently came across a great way to combine our interests: a do-it-yourself backyard magnetic geodesic planetarium. Continue reading →
  6. Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets

    Easy Classroom Demonstrations with Magnets
    Explaining the science of magnets to students can be difficult. Hearing the words come out of a teacher’s mouth is one thing but actually seeing the way magnets interact with each other and other materials can really help drive the point home. These simple experiments with magnets will exhibit how magnets work while still keeping students’ attention. Continue reading →
  7. Back to School - Educator Edition

    Back to School - Educator Edition
    After a long and enjoyable summer, it can be hard for both you and your students to get back into a solid routine. Not to mention, the work you put into classroom setup and creating numerous lesson plans at the beginning of each school year can exhaust you quickly. Instead of allowing your work to become a daunting task, try adding some demonstrations that can liven up the classroom and help ease the transition from summer to school year. Below outlines a science demonstration using magnets and other ingredients that you can add to your lesson plans! Continue reading →
  8. DIY Magnetic Linear Accelerator

    DIY Magnetic Linear Accelerator
    Inside the classroom, the magic of magnetism can be quickly lost to complicated charts and technical assignments. But there’s no shortage of compelling projects you can complete with your students to explain and demonstrate how magnets work without ruining the fun. Continue reading →
  9. Build Your Own Magnetic Motor

    Build Your Own Magnetic Motor
    This video seems like magic but it’s simply magnetic forces at work (it’s interesting how often those two get confused). You can even recreate this experiment yourself. All you’ll need are some neodymium disc magnets of varying sizes, a small sphere magnet, strong tape, and an old CD. Continue reading →
  10. Understanding the Meissner Effect

    Understanding the Meissner Effect
    The world of magnetism is downright vast. From astrophysics to arts and crafts, it plays a large role in many areas of life. What we don’t always hear about is the science behind magnetism—the ins and outs of what makes it work and how these theories can be applied. Continue reading →

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