Calling all craft enthusiasts and educators—March is National Craft Month, and we wanted to celebrate by pulling together a DIY guide for your classrooms. Apex Magnets always recommends adult supervision while using neodymium magnets, as the magnets are extremely strong and can pinch skin or, in some cases, break bones. If you aren’t comfortable letting your students use the magnets, however, you can use them to create a fun classroom atmosphere.

Celebrate the Holidays
One of the most fun things about having a classroom of your own, especially if you are teaching younger students, is being able to decorate it for various holidays throughout the school year. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your room feel festive--we’ve rounded up our favorite holiday magnet crafts to spruce up your space:

Showcase Your Students and Their Work

In a classroom, your students should be the center of attention. Showcase their work and customize your classroom with Polaroid magnets! Each student can have a photo magnet to hang up and display their work with on a designated board or to identify their cubbies or coat hook.

If you have a green thumb, you could build a vertical garden to bring some of the outdoors in and teach your students the value of planting and growing flowers and other plants. The students could each have their own little pot to tend to in the classroom.

Organize Your Classroom

Looking for ways to organize and simplify your classroom with innovative approaches? Create a large monthly classroom calendar or make a small weekly one behind your desk to organize your to-dos and daily lesson plans. To add additional storage to your space, overhaul your filing cabinet with disc magnets. With some additional magnets, you can even add folders to the sides for students to place their homework. For an easy way to create a specific place to hold your miscellaneous office supplies, including paper clips, binder clips, staples, and push pins, build a mason jar storage shelf!

Whether you’re looking to revamp your classroom’s aesthetic or find ways to keep your space clean and organized, Apex Magnets can help. Our large selection of magnets, from discs to cylinders to blocks, have a wide variety of uses for any and all of your classroom projects. You can also find easy demonstrations and magnetic classroom hacks on our blog! 

Remember to take a “look but don’t touch” approach to these magnet crafts as children shouldn’t be allowed to handle neodymium magnets unless under strict adult supervision. Not only can they pinch a child’s fingers, but they also pose a choking hazard if the magnets are on the smaller side.