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  1. DIY Magnet Gifts to Get Started on Now

    DIY Magnet Gifts to Get Started on Now
    Quarantine has given us a lot of extra time indoors to get ahead on our to-do lists. With time seemingly passing by, the holidays will be here before we know it! Spend your extra time indoors to get started early on your holiday gifts by crafting up some homemade presents.  Get into the holiday spirit early with these DIY gifts --  Continue reading →
  2. 2019 Magnetic Crafts Round-Up

    2019 Magnetic Crafts Round-Up
    This year, we wrote a ton of blog posts for you, our customers. Here at Apex Magnets, we know that magnets can help you save time and money. They also help solve numerous problems, so we wanted to relay that information to you with a round-up of some of our most useful tips, hacks, and DIYs below! Continue reading →
  3. National Craft Month: The Educator Edition

    National Craft Month: The Educator Edition
    Calling all craft enthusiasts and educators—March is National Craft Month, and we wanted to celebrate by pulling together a DIY guide for your classrooms. Apex Magnets always recommends adult supervision while using neodymium magnets, as the magnets are extremely strong and can pinch skin or, in some cases, break bones. If you aren’t comfortable letting your students use the magnets, however, you can use them to create a fun classroom atmosphere. Continue reading →

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